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FishBones Raw Bar & Restaurant, Duck, NC (restaurant)

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Name:FishBones Raw Bar & Restaurant
Street:Scarborough lane Shoppes, 1171 Duck Road

Well, this place comes Sooo.... close to being a Tiki Bar, but not a solitary Tiki anywhere! (and I looked, Hard!) They have the bamboo bar, the tropical drinks, good food, a neon sign that says its a Tiki bar, but no Tiki's! So although this place is located in the Outer Banks, it qualifies only as a Florida Tiki Bar! (Thatch, near the Ocean = Tiki Bar in Florida) BUT! You do have a good selection of tropical drinks to choose from and you keep the mug! You need to look at the mugs first though, most of them are plastic and hardly worth the $9.00 asking price ($6.00 refils) However some are served in the tiki mugs we all know and love, so check it out when you're in Duck!

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