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Tikifish's Painting

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I just got Tikifish's painting Shecky and his Wahine. LOVE IT LOVE IT. Thank you Tikifish! Hung it up as soon as I got it and have everyone who came over comment on it. They loved all the different mediums you used. AWESOME artist...


Post a picture as I like to see work by TC members who actually have artistic ability.


Talk about computer idiot-that's me. I really have no idea how to show photos or ebay links. Maybe Tikifish or someone can help me out with this-sorry.


The best I can do is say on page 3 of Collecting Tiki under topic "How can one acquire a tikifish painting" and the last post of tikifish is a link. WHEW! I know I should know all this but I spend my time learning more and collecting more tiki then figuring out this thingamagigger of a box in front of me. But the painting does look great.

No apologies needed. I too don't know how to post pictures either. If I need something posted I ask Alnshely.


Tiki bOng, surely you must be mistaken.. I have no artistic ability, just ask MaD TiKi!!!


Though this doesn't pertain to you, I believe that ANYTHING ANYONE creates on their own is ART! Even if it's for their own enjoyment, it is still valid ART.

If that is the case Bong, then your underwear must need thier own gallery.


When I said 'even if it's for their own enjoyment', I wasn't referring to 'Spanking the monkey'!


I was talkin about the ink blot test you leave in your shorts every night.
not your favorite a-dick-shun!


You mean the one when I'm dreaming about you?

GECKO posted on Mon, Nov 4, 2002 11:17 AM

I seen that painting on ebay, nice job Tikifish.

Bong, you and Bax are loco!

Bax, if you ever read this I was wondering how did that styro Moai go? did you ever get a long hot knife? or make it? I gotta make a few more and that small hot knife takes to much time and as you seen in the pictures I emailed you the dam chainsaw was to messy! let me know. Mahaloz


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