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The real deal on the new Mai Kai mugs

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Hey everyone,

Just got back from my birthday visit to the Mai Kai, and I had a blast. This was my third visit, and this time my wife and I decided to skip the show. They seated us outside in the gardens, right next to the big waterfall, which was just perfect. The last two time we went, we had the dinner/show special, where you order off a special menu, so I was surprised to see the huge variety of food on the full menu. I had "Polynesian Spiced Tuna Steak" which was GREAT. I was really surprised, because I always felt the food there was adaquate, but the food off the main menu is A+

After two Mai Tais in the bar (before dinner), I ordered a "Mara Amu" which is the drink that comes in a tiki mug you get to keep. I had forgotten about the new "vintage" mugs, so I was surprised when it came in a soft green glazed "drunk Marquesan" style mug. "Mai Kai Ft Lauderdale" was printed along the bottom of the face, and the bottom of the mug was imprinted with "Chiki Tiki."

At dinner, I ordered another, and it came out in a brown glazed mug that was completely different, but had the same "Chiki Tiki" markings.

After dinner, I checked out the gift shop, and they had several different glazes of both mugs. I asked the store manager what the deal was with the new mugs and she said they were only "temporary mugs" and they would only have them until July. They had trouble getting their original "Mai Kai" tiki mugs so they ordered these until the original mug arrives. I told her I like these new ones better (I do) and she agreed but said the originals are a tradition and they are definitely coming back.

I picked up some more with the different glazes. I'll try to post pictures of all of them soon, if you guys want to see them.

I hope I'm not repeating an old story here - forgive me if everyone knows the deal on these new mugs.

So I guess while the mugs are clearly not "vintage" as the person on Ebay advertised, they probably are somewhat "rare" since they will be discontinued only about 6 months after being introduced.

-Mike (aka "coneyfreak")


I thought the food was excellent both times I went there. I stayed away from the Chinese and Japanese food and ordered their Polynesian specialties.

Too bad they don't sell those mugs on the Mai Kai web site.

So do you think the new "Mara Amu" drink is named after the current Survivor - Marquesas tribe, or vice versa?


Muggler, Thanks for the first-hand info on those Mai-Kai mugs. We had deduced they were not vintage, nor rare, from the website for the company making them, Chiki? Your report was the first from someone seeing them "in action".

Unfortunately, some unknowing ebay bidders took the bait and one of those mugs went for $300+. Just unreal. They're ok mugs...I'd pay around 10 bones for one from Mai Kai.

Seems a few rest/bars are getting back to offering decent mug souvenirs. I am thinking of Tiki Farms new/old mugs for TV. Alas, the good old days will be just that...none of the new stuff holds a candle(torch?) to the vitage vessels.

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I knew it.

Beware of "antiquecove" on ebay

kapu kapu kapu

The Mai-Kai does sell their mugs on their website. I will be selling some vintage Mai Kai (not new) mugs on ebay this week including a very cool set of two mugs and a matching pitcher. Check it out.

ebay seller: tikigardens

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