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NEW Tiki Light

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Hi,I've been working on these lights for awhile,It's 6 inches tall without the wood base.They are made of space age polymers.I am having trouble with the resin being inconsistant if anyone can help,I would appreciate it.VT. Lamps can be seen at rickysbeachouse.com,thanks.
And here are some small tiki bar-ish lamps I make. and

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Very cool stuff

Welcome aboard.


Rodeo, thanks for finding the pictures and posting them. Angelfire, Fantastic lamps. We Need to se More. If you click on "edit" under Rodeotiki's post you will see how he posted your pictures.
That resin tikilamp is incredible. it really hase an Awesome glare to it.
Thanks for sharing


No pics showing up....

Thanks for the positive comments,and the image of the surfboard lamp.I uploaded the tiki light image to shutterfly but could not find the url?I'll figure it out.I sell some of this stuff on ebay,but am just getting restarted after hurricane Ivan (that left a dent in my brain that wont go away)thanksV.T.

Still no pics, but I have the strange desire to move all my webhosting to Angelfire.com.

Hey Velvet Tiki, Can't see the pics either, but welcome!


hewey posted on Wed, Jun 29, 2005 7:42 AM

I got pics - way too cool. Very funky - fave is the 'board lamp

I haven't made any of these in years,but am going to start up again.

Can u repost the pics ??

Repost pictures...yes...I never check this site out any more.Almost finished with my studio,so I can make more stuff.Will have to find pictures,V.T.

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