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So I have a few fish nets that I would like to put up in my tiki bar. I am looking for ways to mount them or interesting ways to use them.
I really don't want to go too nautical with starfish and shells and such because our house vibe is pretty streamlined and non-cluttery (almost the antithesis of tiki!), but there must be some other things you can do with them?
Also how do you attach them to a ceiling/walls in a non-permanent way.

Does anyone have inspirational pictures?
Johnny Velour?

Mary, 3M makes some adhesive-backed hooks, that you can take off by pulling this tab thing. As for the netting in the bar area, try using it in some sort of rattan frame with a smaller framed picture set inside. Wrap a plant pot with it or sew it to a sisal rug. What would Christopher Lowwell(sp?) do?


He'd probably do this....

"When you look into the void, the void also looks into you." - Nietzsche

[ Edited by: Turbogod on 2002-10-31 06:24 ]

For a split second, I thought that picture was real, and it freaked me out.

Christopher Lowell never did a tiki episode that I know of (like he ever would), but he did do a "retro" episode that just capitalized on the Austin Powers bandwagon. He remodeled a room to look like a scene in one of the movies, and to me it just looked a little too... gay? Well, regardless, I didn't like it.

I don't know what CL would do, but I think it would be pretty lame. Or "whimsical!"

Everything about that Christopher Lowell is GAY! What a FAG!

I wasn't mocking Cristopher Lowell b/c he's gay, I was mocking him b/c I think he has bad taste! I mean, c'mon! Do you really think that anyone could be homophobic AND like something as campy as tiki and lounge culture?? That'd be pretty damn ironic, don't you think? Why do so many people take a post that I meant to be funny and think I'm a big jerk? Oh, wait. It's b/c I'm a smart-ass. Whoops. Sorry. My bad.

PS: Christopher Lowell says "whimsy" all the time on his show. That was part of my joke.

He's GAY ?!?

I've never seen his show, but in his first book he shows a bedroom he did with a "bali" kind of look. LOTS of bamboo! The bed and bookcase were especially cool. Gave me some ideas...


Yeah right! Christopher Lowell gay? Next thing you are going to tell me is that Charles Nelson Reilly is gay, or Paul Lynne was gay. Please!

Just don't you dare say anything bad about Rip Taylor! I'll scratch your eyes out!!

Christopher Lowell DID do a tiki show once. The show was mostly Hawaiiana, but they visited a collectibles store on Kauai, and they turned the reception desk for their offices into a tiki bar.

I don't watch Christopher Lowell, I just happened to catch it once by accident when I was home sick. Why are you looking at me like that? Shut up.

Why do I get the feeling its a good thing I can't get this show in Canada and have never heard of this guy?

Though we do have some other chick who just runs aorund covering everything in seashells with a hot glue gun. I'm guessing it's a similar genre....

in britain we have Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen he's a foppish house make-over guy, think faux zebra skin and regincy drapes with ragrolled panneling.

I'd take Laurence over Lowell any day.

Ahh the pleasures of photoshoppin'! Didn't want to get into the whole gay/not gay thing, (who cares, I don't!)but a couple more posts and this thread will definately be flaming.

"When you look into the void, the void also looks into you." - Nietzsche

[ Edited by: turbogod on 2002-10-31 12:51 ]

I heard a statistic once that 1 out of every 12 people are Gay. Let's see, so far on this post we've had: 1) Futuragirl, 2) Turbogod, 3) Humuhumu, 4) Atomictontiki, 5) Tikifish, 6) Snarkoutgirl, 7) Caber-net, 8) Trader Rick, 9) Kokomo, 10) ChikiTike, 11) Tiki Mug, and let's see I'm number ... ahh, never mind!

Since this subject has changed to gayness, I am going to have to move on. See, I am homophobic (IT MEANS I DONT LIKE GAYS AROUND ME, UNLESS IT IS TWO REALLY HOT CHICKS SWEATING UP A STORM IN G-STRINGS WITH LOTS OF THAT FREAKY TIKI BODY OIL ON THEIR SULTRY RIPE BODIES... OPPS, SORRY) and I cant deal with Gay Men! So thats what I had to say! Sorry for getting off the subject in my explaination of homophobic!


I didnt think ppl like you still existed...

In my opinion, what you do with your set is nobody's business. I thank the gay crowd for keeping some of the best retro culture alive when nobody else was. John Waters notwithstanding.

1 in 12 people are gay? I allways heard it was closer to 1 in 4, or anyways thats what I used to tell my three brothers to panic them


I thought it was just 1 in 4 in Scotland! (Ha, sorry I just couldn't help myself)

[ Edited by: tikimug on 2002-11-01 11:19 ]

I expected some cracks about 'fishnets' stockings, which never happened... but christopher lowell! oh well - CL and stockings kinda go together? so anyway i hung the fishnets flush on the walls and used acid free tape to stick em.
also added a fish mobile in the corner and am pretty happy with the results. if i ever get a digital camera, i'll post pics.

all my gay friends are welcome to come by and have a cocktail and talk about fishnets anytime :wink:

[ Edited by: Futura Girl on 2002-11-01 14:38 ]


I'll be right over Futura Girl!

I'll probably stay for the night or maybe a bite...



On 2002-11-01 15:01, tikimug wrote:
I'll be right over Futura Girl!

I'll probably stay for the night or maybe a bite...

Heavens to murgatroid, exit stage left.



If I was on the West Coast I'd be there!

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