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Tiki mugs: The vessel of choice for gay bars!

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I always suspected Snaggletooth.... I am now feeling alittle uneasy about the choice of my "hobby" collecting.

Can anyone substantiate this? I understand the "frou-frou" drink assocation, but the mug part? I dunno.... by the way for the record I hate Broadwy show tunes and Judy Garland.

Heavens to murgatroy, that was was disturbing, revolting even. I always thought snagglepuss was a wuss.


Toucans in Palm Springs is a gay Tiki bar.... they don't use Tiki mugs...

The place is a bit of a Palm Springs novelty... so don't be afraid to check it out if you're in the area... you won't end up like Drunky (unless thats what you're looking for)!


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I was rolling when that last bowl with the fountains on the sides floated down in front of poor 'ol drunky!
Heavens to murgatroid!

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