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Tiki themed pinball

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Has anyone out there ever heard of or seen a vintage Tiki themed pinball machine? We are looking for one to replace a 1974 Faces pinball in the basement. I have see surf themed ones but never straight tiki.


Well, it's close....

See it here::

::::::::: +§†Ÿm¡€+ :::::::::
::::: http://bombora.net :::::

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We've got a Bally's Gilligan's Island pinball machine at Tiki Farm. There is a large Tiki-esque god "Kona" that is in the form of a giant cave. As far as pinball machines go, the gaming quality of this one is very good - it was at the Bash.

When I first saw this thread - I thought of mentioning the Tiki Bash Gilligan pinball machine. It was quite good!Up there with Indiana Jones in Adventureland.

I used to play the Gilligan's Island pinball at a bar in Melbourne, Australia (the Binary bar if I'm not mistaken) and loved it.

Other than that, if you could find the old standup arcade game "The New Zealand Story", that might work.


As a loooooong-time Pinhead, there's no "Tiki" pin, but there are several that come close.

Do a search for "Hawaii" on http://www.ipdb.com (The Internet Pinball DataBase is tauted as THE listing for pins)

I heard that TofuJoe is looking to "re-skin" a GoldenEye into Tiki-style...

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