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Don the Beachcomber was a genius!

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While sipping my second Beachcomber's Gold in a row in rapid succession I came to this conclusion: Don the Beachcomber was a genius! The recipies in the recent book of Don the Beachcomber's cocktails are definitely some of the best tasting and complex rum cocktails I have ever tasted (as good as the also excellent Grog Log). I think Don had the knack of blending rums from different countries better than any other mixologist. Of course, that skill has been passed down to others, especially the family that runs and bartends at the Tiki Ti (whose founder (the now deceased Ray Buhen) was trained by Don). See the story at:

Do yourself a favor and buy the book. If you can't find it try this web site (who I bought it from):
Then try to find the ingredients. Some of the suggested rum substitutions are hard to find but are worth the trouble because many of the drinks are based on marraiges of certain rums. Make the honey-cream mix (a blend of equal parts butter and honey). And then taste the best! Put on a good album of exotic music, lower the lights, and sip a Plantation Punch slowly. You have to drink it slowly because it has 3.5 ounces of rum in it!

I'm going to practice making my ice fans for the Beachcomber's Gold because the drink is so good it deserves such a presentation!

You're exactly right! Don was a master mixer of rum. Yeah, I know, don't go into the who really created the Mai Tai debate.


Another note:
I much prefer the recipe for the Beachcomber's Gold in the Don book over the one in the Grog Log. They are completely different: Don's recipe contains 2 types of rum, honey, and other ingredients, while the Log recipe contains one kind of rum and dry and sweet vermouth, among other things. Does anyone know where the version in the Log came from? It says from Don the Beachcomber so perhaps the recipe changed over the years.


Don's "Tropical Rum Drinks and cuisine", the "Grog Log" and TV's "bartender's guide" are definitely the holy trinity of tropical drink guides. Beachbum Berry's new book "Intoxica" is coming soon. I can't wait.

Reviving this old thread, because it's true - I'm a newbie/malihini here , but after going through some of the Bum's books, now delving into "Tropical Rum Drinks and Cuisine" by the Master himself - ignore the recommended substiturtions for Bacardi & Meyers, and use Cruzan & Appleton good stuff rums -

So far I've done the Planter's Rum Punch (Honey Cream made with Sweet Butter from Whole Foods & local So Cal Orange Blossom Honey... amazing!) and the Planter's Rum Punch - Wow! It's like when I saw the "Matisse" show at MOCA years ago - I'm in the presence of true genius!

Okay - Next I'll go for the "Beachcomber's Gold" - I can hardly wait!

Anybody know how to make original Fassionola?


Search Tiki Central for "Fassionola" - there is one very good thread on that subject. Jeff Berry says substitute passion fruit syrup; others thought Hawaiian Punch syrup was a good sub.

The best Fassionola substitute I have found is Pat O'Brien's Hurricane syrup.
You can find it online or maybe at your local grocery. Once you mix it it will last forever in the refrigerator without going bad.

I always thought Jab was the genius. ?

What would Don the Beach Do?

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