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I am BACK!

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After a long hiatus (due to a faulty modem and sporadic access to a backup system) I'm back with you all! Looking forward to catching up on the last few months' worth of tiki chatter. I know what you're all asking yourselves; "Who the hell is this guy and why do we care if he's been gone". Ah, the love and support that Tiki Central is so famous for! I'm HOME!

Hey Maxton - don't worry, we missed you! :) And I need to email you the details of the lovely Tonga Room welcome I received from my fellow San Franciscans!

French! So good to hear from you! Can't wait to hear about your Tonga-riffic reception, though you are sorely missed in these parts. I need to be sure and send you Halloween pics - you'll die when you see what Maggie wore in public!

TikiMaxton -- Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time! Welcome back to the board. How's life at the Castaway Cove?

Good to have you back, Maxton. What are you up to? Read somerwhere here on the board that Will Vinton Studios was sold!?
Looks like the Alibi shoot just happened in time...thanks again.


Maxton we missed you!!!
Now, commence with the dry humor at once!


TikiMaxton. Good to hear you are back. I recall you had some sort of computer glitch and it is good to have that behind you.
Bigbrotiki, I posted the item about Will Vinton Studios. Here is a link to the newspaper article.Newspaper article link

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Oops! Sorry about widening the screen. What did I do? Must have something to do with the link??

Thanks for the warm welcome! The Cove is alive and well and ready for winter - we've moved the hot tub in for the colder weather so now we can soak while we take in the PolyPop scenery. Makes Portland winters almost bearable!

Bigbro - Vinton wasn't so much sold as it was the victim of a (unpublicized) hostile takeover of sorts. No one will leak the whole story, but what I know of it is sad and messy.

I'm still floating around - helping out a small animatioin company on spec, hoping I can land them a big account. Hangin' in there...

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