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Name:House of Wu
Street:52 Providence St
City:West Warwick

This place has decent chinese food and strong drinks.

The drinks are strong and good but not totally authentic. SB's, Scorpion bowls and volcanoes are tasty (and strong). Mai-Tai's are a little too sweet. Zombies and fog cutters are also not too bad.

Food wise they have some good and bad dishes. The pupu is great (one of my favs). And the sweet and sour (chicken etc...) dishes are good. House wings are also good here as well. The only thing I don't like here is the General Tso's chicken. The sauce just isn't right.

The prices are fair too. I had a fog cutter, zombie and sweet and sour pork combo for 18 bucks last night - not too bad.

Now the decor. The only tiki stuff in this place is on the drink listing and the bowl drinks (scorpion, volcano). Sorry to let you down at the end here :(

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