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Cartoon tiki sighting

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Anyone spot the Shag-like paintings on the cartoon "King of the Hill" last night? It was pretty funny, they were hanging in the home of some "progressive," hip parents.

I was just about to post about that. I was watching the show and all of a sudden I was like, "wow, there are tikis on TV!" I did notice the Shag-style paintings as well. I wonder if Shag knows about this...


I didn't think they were so Shagesque, they looked more like parodies of The Pearl of Wisdom to me... there were two different paintings of Tiki, and a third that looked more like a Deco thing.

Also, on the Simpsons that aired before King of the Hill, there was a Moai mug seen in in one of the character's homes.

Tiki-toons all over Fox last night...

On Sealab 2021 last night there were 2 tiki mugs sitting on the edge of Capt. Murphy's new hot tub.


They had a Tiki Party on a recent episode of Grim & Evil.

speaking of Tiki-Toons...

got one in the werks - check the trailer:


Who are these cosmopolitian artists that work on these mass market shows yet are not quite so enthralled as to post on tiki central? it just blows my mind that so many people are offhandedly putting a tiki here or there, or making some random commercial product in a tiki style, without being so "into" it as to seek out tiki culture online.
How can anyone be so cavalier as to treat "tiki" as just another bit of scenery? How can it not absorb their very souls as it has ours? Tiki is not to be taken lightly, it is to be LIVED!
Yes I have had too much cachaca tonight, but I still think I'm making a valid point...

I posted something about KOTH earlier last night

I rented the recently-released "Sealab 2021" DVD (it's a very mean-sprited but very funny show), and on disc two, there is an episode in which some of the scientists go ashore for an "MC Chris" concert. It's a brief scene, but the characters are all holding tiki mugs. Apparently, there is a lot of alcohol in their drinks, because they're acting stranger than usual. You don't get a good close look at the mugs, but tiki mugs they are!

The 1943 Bugs Bunny Cartoon "Wackiki Wabbit" is a little tiki-fied. Chuck Jones gives us some ahead-if-their-time (1950-ish) tapa cloth backgrounds, wears a mumu, gives out leis, gets down to some Polynesian rhythms (I think), gives us a Polynesian languange lesson (OK--that's gibberish) all featuring the lush tropical setting of Humuhumunukunukuapua'a'a'a'a'a Island.

The best thing about this cartoon is Warner's foolishly let it slip into the public domain. Ha! I have the full, big-screen, 65megabyte, burn-to-DVR version HERE if you like Bugs Bunny. (If you don't , I don't wanna hear it!)

I zipped it so people wouldn't watch it from my website. Please download the .zip file, unzip it and watch it in the comfort of your own home.


Mahalo Pappy, very cool of you to do that.

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