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China Sea, Warwick, RI (restaurant)

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Name:China Sea
Street:1278 Post Rd.

I found out about this place from reading another thread:

Wow - this place is a little treasure for RI. Two tiki totems guard the entrance to the China Sea. This is now the most Tiki I've ever seen in a restaurant so I'm psyched at this point.

Once the doors open your surrounded by bamboo walls in the breezeway. The dining area is pretty wide open with chairs and tables about. Bamboo scenes decorate the perimeter. The bar, just for drink prep, was covered with a thatched roof. And the lights hanging from the ceiling were balls with mixed colors on the outside - very classic looking.

They could also use some tunes. There were only like 6 other customers last night and it was quiet in there. Some exotica would make that place complete.

The drinks were good. Started the night with a Zombie and was surprised it actually tasted like a Zombie. Also tried a Dr. Funk - it was tasty and hit a slight hint of mint in the background. The drinks weren't of the "knock you over" variety but they were worth price paid. And yes they actually serve drinks in tiki mugs!

The food was good. Got a pupu, chicken chow mien and General Tso's and they were all delicious. The Tso's could've used more spice but that's my only complaint.

Service was OK. Though after reading the thread talking about this place I already knew what to expect.

Here's a couple of pics from my phone.


I plan on going back sometime with a real camera to get some good inside pics.

Well that's the China Sea. Definitely worth a visit if you're in RI.

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CHRIS posted on Tue, Sep 6, 2005 7:51 PM

China Sea has been "renovated". It still exists, the food, the drinks, the mugs & bowls are the same but the interior has been lost. Follow the link in the above post for a little more.

Dang! I hate change... I was gonna go there this fall.

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