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Who was it that posted the mp3s of Polynesia! on the Yahoo site? I meant to say "thanks" and that i am crazy about the tracks! Did this group produce any more music? Can you tell me anything more about the LP?




that's tiki kiliki's doing

Swanky posted on Wed, May 1, 2002 2:25 PM

Out of maybe a 3 foot high stack or Exotica records, that is my (our) favorite. We got the EP version at a record sale for basically nothing. We bought a 45 version off Ebay and I think there is an LP version out there. I am wanting to find it if there are any more songs to be had.

I did a bit of research on Charles Mauu. He seems to have been involved in a lot of projects. He has a short bio on eonline I think. I have not seen anything else by him.

Once I get my equalizer fixed, I am going to re-record that album and burn it to CD.

I love to wake up on Saturday morning to that stuff!

I think I have a picture of the cover in my pictures on Yahoo? If I don't I'll send it to you Kentiki. It's fantastic!

Swanky and I oh so love those tunes. And yes, Saturday mornings we listen to it while we drink some damn fine coffee.

Tiki Kiliki


Thanks again for posting those tracks. I would never have discovered them otherwise! If only I could figure the chords for uke I could try and play along. I couldn't keep up, but it'd be fun tryin.

I couldn't find the cover on Yahoo. I think I remember it, but the weird way the folders are listed now, it wasn't easy to look around. If you don't mind emailing it, you can to [email protected]



Hi, Gang! Here's a link to see the cover of Polynesia! http://www.317x.com/albums/m/charlesmauu/card.html
There's a recording available called "Heart of Tahiti" by Charley Mauu which sounds fun based on the clips that can be heard at http://music.barnesandnoble.com/search/product.asp?userid=2LF2U5GUOT&ean=52824226722


-Weird Unc

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