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Find the Canadian Tiki Bar

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Do any of you lurking Canadian tikiphiles live near enough to any of these places to check them out? I just got 'em out of Canada 411 so I have no idea what awaits you at these locations...

Bamboo Tiki Room
Phone: (403)261-6674    
1201 1 Street SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0V3

Courtyard Restaurant Tiki Village
Phone: (250)503-5566    
Vernon, BC V1T 5W8

Tiki II Restaurant
Phone: (403)264-0530    
Calgary, AB T2P 3R8

Jack's Hawaiian Village Restaurant Phone: (705)567-4711    
29 Gov't Rd W General Delivery, Kirkland Lake, ON P2N 3H6

New Hawaiian Restaurant
Phone: (204)623-2144    
The Pas, MB R9A 1K2

Lums Polynesian Restaurant
Phone: (250)385-2322    
Victoria, BC V9A 3M6



Don't bother with this one - I think I can hear the Jimmy Buffet playing from here.....



Someone was asking about this St. Catherine's "Tiki Bar" - I have provided a link to the photo. Looks like a barrel of fun. I can't hardly wait to go.



Jeez. That's what I imagine death to be like.

Trader Woody


There's a restaurant here in Peterborough called "South Pacific". Apparently it's been here since at least when my parents got married. Over 30 years. That dates it just about right unless it has changed hands and just become a Chinese restaurant.

One of these days when we can leave the wee barrun with someone, I'll pop in and check it out.


If it's a Chinese Restaurant you should have no problem taking the wee one in with you. Besides, they're just the right size to hold those little umbrellas!

I noticed a LOT of those old-school chinese joints on the way up to the Laurentians. Unfortunately Mom didn't want to eat at any of them so they will forever remain a mystery. Damn, I hate travelling with food snobs!


Yep, had a closer look through the window. Chinese joint for certain by the decor. But you never know what mugs may lurk somewhere in there. I'll pop in nonetheless, but somewhat less urgently.

About Chinese joints using Tiki mugs. I'm not sure but I think the one I mentioned way back, was in Brockville on the main street. Don't quote me on that.

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