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I just acquired my second postcard of the old POLYNESIAN Condominium Apartment/Motel on 291 Ocean Shores Boulevard, Ocean Shores, WA, 98551. "A deluxe 70-unit oceanfront motel located on the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Facilities include: Kitchen - Fireplace - TV - Phone - Heated indoor pool - Restaurant - Lanai Room - 150-capacity convention hall. RECREATEION: 180 Hole golf course (Home of Pat Boone Celebrity Golf Classic) - deep-sea fishing - clam-digging - beach combing - dining - dancing - RELAXATION. Rates from $15 - $35"

Together they show an interesting mutation of the Tiki sign. I hope I've got them in the right order. Neither card has been used or postmarked. The reverse of each card is almost identical.

  • On the back of both cards is a stylized depiction of the mask on card #1's sign.
  • The second card has an area-code in front of the phone #
  • The second card lists the golf course as the home of the Pat Boone Classic, the first does not.
  • The second card has room rates, the first does not.
  • The style of the first seems (to my eyes) to be early 1960s while the second has more of a late 1960s, early 1970s look. I could be wrong.

Both nice signs though. Does anyone out there know more about this old motel/resort?


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I agree - the second looks much more 1970s...


I have the top card and it is postmarked 1962. The first version of the sign gets my vote (love the colors).

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The photo of the hotel is the same exact one in each card, only the signs are different.

Hint - check out the cars in the parking lot and the breaking waves; the white foam lines are exactly the same.

A thing of tiki is a joy forever

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thejab posted on Thu, Nov 7, 2002 6:37 PM

I'm sure mrsmiley will appreciate the top sign with it's simple statment to "SMILE" vs. the bottom one that says "THANK YOU PLEASE COME AGAIN".

thejab posted on Thu, Nov 7, 2002 6:47 PM

It's probably still there. Here's their web site:



I like how the only things they list for local information is a casino and a 3-screen theater! Sounds like my kind of town!


Thanks Zulu, for posting the 1962 postmark date on your postcard. I like having that kind of information for my records. Appreciate it.


I found this matchbook and wonder if they ever had a mug of this tiki that looks like a shield.

yup, stayed there, it's real nice inside. Not real tiki anymore, but there is a big ol tiki out front of Maraiahs restaurant (the round building.) I have a photo out front, but no scanner, sorrrrry!
Had a real nice time, always wanted to stay there since I was
a kid, and finally did a few years ago.

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