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Just found a Witco

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Just found one of the 4-foot Witco tiki candle holders...the one with the super-long neck...will stand freely or can be hung. Should I sell it?????? Hmmmm.....

Welllll- SHOW it to us.

I would hang on to it til my book comes out, then sell it...
Or if you're in the LA area, let me photograph it for the book...
but I might have already shot it in the Hala Kahiki, if it's the one they have at the corner of the bar.

I would like to buy it, but I should save my money, and if there is one thing my house does not need it is yet another Tiki...while my roof is leaking!

Here it is.... A little leary of candles, though, with all of the reed, thatch, and bamboo in our bar!

Very cool! An early, mid-sixties "Wall Idol" from their "Primitic" line. A keeper!

If you like, bigbro, I can take a professional seamless photo of the piece on macro and e-mail it to you if you need one for the book. No prob at all...

Pages: 1 4 replies