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TIKI FLICK - trailer

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Im workin on an animated tiki flick -

You can check the movie trailer here:



I LOVE your work, I have "The Wrong Black Hole" hanging in my entry way! A print I picked up from Bamboo 2 you, I would have gotten the painting but no one could awnser any questions I had about it, so, I just got the print! I am definitely a fan!!! I want more!!!! My five year old is SO into Tiki because of your stuff! He wanted to be the Tiki Alien for Halloween! Maybe next year! :tiki:

[ Edited by: DawnTiki on 2002-11-08 14:25 ]

Will you have a downloadable version of the tiki flick that we TikiCentralites can save onto our own computers in an avi, mpeg, or other common movie file format?
That would really be awesome...

On a slightly unrelated note, I was wondering if you were at all inspired by the movie KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE. It seems that the title you have chosen for your Tiki film is rather similar...

[ Edited by: TikiManiac on 2002-11-08 14:39 ]

DawnTiki ~! Nice to know my work is being appreciated - thanks! I'm sure your son would have made a great SPACE TIKI! i wanted to be one too - but i settled on being a beatnik. Halloween night i showed my Tiki Art downtown at Dizzy's while the Sue Palmer orchestra rocked the "Killer Tiki Boogie"! the song was inspired by my art and in turn will be the basis of my animated movie - gotta love stacking inspiration!

By the way - if you ever want more of my work you can buy it from my site or contact me direct. ...Be sure to send me a picture if your son ever turns Space-Tiki on you!

TikiManiac ~! regarding "Attack! of the Killer Tikis ...from Outer Space" - the animated movie, I am sticking to the standards - it will be available as streaming media - and downloadable. The relationship to the Killer Space Clowns is random.


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