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C. P. Three Prop House, Hollywood, CA (other)

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Name:C. P. Three Prop House
Street:1107 Bronson (at Santa Monica blv.)

This is a building owned by Omega Cinema Props; it is used primarily for storage of large outdoor props and furniture. There are four large moai stored outside.

I happened across these on a walk from my hotel three weeks ago. Man, what a a cool surprise! I vaguely remembered a Tiki Road Trip reference to large moai stored outside in Hollywood that were intended for a Laverne and Shirley show but not used; the employee I spoke with knew nothing about that. He did say they'd been used in an Eddie Murphy film and that they'd next be used in a Kevin Costner film, Rapa Nui. Costner was already involved as a producer in a Rapa Nui in 1994, so I assume the guy had his time frame wrong.


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Great find! thanks for posting!


Ooh de lally! I'll have to check that out! Thanks for the tip -- I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to meet up with you while you were in town, I hope we'll get another chance sooner rather than later.

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