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Looking for Tiki fabric

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I am fairly new to the Tiki scene, and I haven't been able to find Tiki fabric. I am looking for the retro Tiki look, but without all the florals. I keep seeing it on bars and barstools online, but I just want the fabric. The funny part is, I live in Hawaii. Please Help.


Aloha Kaimuki,
I am always searching for tiki fabric. Whenever I see any fabric with tikis on it I usually will buy enough for a shirt or a dress or something. Have you searched any of the fabric sites on the net? My mother-in-law turned me onto equilters.com. You can search aloha, tropical, asian, etc. I'm pretty sure they did not have any tiki fabrics last time I checked. There is a fabric store in Waikiki somewhere just over one of the bridges over the canal that lead toward the maka(?),(away from the ocean). Sorry, my Hawaiian is pretty rough. I wanted to check it out the last time we were there, but I never had the time. Too many mai tais to try. They had lots of rolls of fabric in the window.

Most of the fabric I find in San Diego is pretty much the traditional, aloha, flora style, but I have been seeing more barkcloth lately. Especially barkcloth with tapa-type prints and/or petroglyphs. Otherwise, I look for vintage pieces in the thrift stores. I have found a few with tikis on them.

If you find a cool store on Oahu, could you let me know the name and where it find it? We will be visiting the island in April.

Aloha nui nui, Shelley (Shell in the Pacific)

Here's a cool company called Melimade
and they have a few new tiki fabrics for sale in slate, beige (original), rust and green - not a floral - just plain cool

Also check with Genie's Fab Fabrics in the UK
http://www.thebrighton.demon.co.uk/ not tiki but may give you a lead on vintage stuff


or try Reprodepot, here is their tiki stuff

have fun, I usually pick a couple of yards up any time I see it, because without fail it won't be there the next time

Thank U, Drive Thru

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One of Mano Tiki Tia's mentions, Reprodepot is the greatest -- I went to their store once; they have even more selection there, and they're super cool. Their direct website is:


I've also had great success buying fabric from Myriah:


She's got mostly floral barkcloths, but she has some more interesting stuff, too.

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