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The Savage Renewal Project!

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It's been said by a few that there's already plenty of Tiki at Tiki Central -- that we've said all that there is to say. Enough tiki? Nonsense! There's always more tiki -- whether you're new to the subject or an old salt. In fact I'd wager that even bigbrotiki himself is still learning new stuff all the time. So, to assist tikiphiles in getting the most tiki they can out of Tiki Central, we present the Savage Renewal Project.

I wanted to start off with a few guidelines that members can use to help out:

  • Let's try to cut back on the number of unrelated comments in Tiki-related topics. I know the topics on TC flow like conversations, but if a topic is starting to veer from it's original intent, try to get it back on topic or, ever better, start a new topic to divert those unrelated posts.

  • On that same note, let's try to keep the silly influence of Beyond and Bilge to a minimum in Tiki-related topics. I'm not saying that Tiki topics need to be studious, dry (after all, how could tiki ever be dry?) or devoid of humor, but please keep in mind that too many jokes is another way a topic can get derailed and sometimes can make someone feel like their posts aren't being taken seriously.

  • Be polite, even if someone is not polite to you. We need to have the common goal of making friends and defusing potential bombs even if other members are not.

  • Use U-Moderate. If you're not familiar with U-Moderate, please check it out. It helps out quite a bit, and the number of votes we actually get from our users are surprisingly low.

You'll see the first solid piece of the Savage Renewal Project soon, and we'd love to hear your own ideas ...


On 2005-09-02 19:19, hanford_lemoore wrote:
There's always more tiki -- whether you're new to the subject or an old salt.


Since there have been some really great posts this week on finding hidden gems, I thought I'd bump this post to inspire people to look around their houses, neighborhoods or whatever and contribute to or add to something to Tiki Central.

Here's one I wrote a while back: Savage Renewal: Hawaii 1960's

and a few more a search on "Savage Renewal".

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