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Luau Planning Booklets

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Here's my Savage Renewal contribution.

i found a fantastic thread United Airlines Luau Planner by Naugatiki. There have been a few mentions of finding copies of Trader Vic's Pacific Island Cookbook (published 1968). And we've talked about these ~ New Book - Trader Vic's Tiki Party and "Retro Luau" ~ new book

but before food stylists took glossy pictures, and graphics were cut n pasted or were made to look retro, there were these guides "for the many folks who are dreaming of coming to the islands some day, and for those who know darn well that they can never quite make it!"

neither brochure is dated ~ its a tiny portion of the stuff i bought as a big lot of tiki mugs and ephemera (yes, im working on posting all of it...)


Those are great! You'll have to let us know if you find any chestnuts o' wisdom in there. Love that it's written by "South Sea Scotty" Guletz.

We're at Hanford's right now, so I don't have access to my collection, but when I get back, I have something I've been meaning to post, and I'll add it to this thread: it's a mid-60s promotional pamphlet for a canola oil company with recipe suggestions for throwing your own luau, complete with the most amazing full-color pictures of luau spreads -- every picture includes colorful, typical faux-Hawaiian dishes, fresh flowers, tropical centerpieces, palm trees in the background -- and a big ol' bottle of Canola Oil. If I remember right, one of the suggested dishes is chunks of pineapple dipped in mayonnaise (one of the canola oil family of products), and then rolled in shredded cheddar cheese. Mmmm, exotic!


Thats weird I just found and sold the same luau book on ebay over the summer, with a different phrase book, here is the long expired auction:

I recently found a slew of 1960s era party planning booklets (pamphlets?) at an estate sale. After doing a decent search, I figure this would be a fine place to put my scans of a couple of them.

Here is How to Give EXOTIC Parties from the Schenley Reserve Distribution Company:

[front and back pages]

The graphics on the front are great. I especially like the "hula wahine" and "Dr. Livingstone" at the top. The back page touts the "Schenley 6-Bottle Liquor Cabinet", which, not surprisingly, did not include a rum.

"Have this glorious Schenley group on hand and please everyone in the crowd."

[first and second pages]

Interestingly, when it comes to music, they suggest, not Exotica, but:

"Gather all the Latin American records you have ... With Calypso music, you have the most dancable rhythms in the world."

"If you want to go genuine Africa for a while, there are records by fine African artists like Miriam Makeba and Marias and Miranda."

[third and fourth pages]

[fifth and sixth pages]

The Drinks are, well...

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