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Smokin' Tiki, San Jose, CA (bar)

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Name:Smokin' Tiki
Street: Corner of Post & San Pedro (no address on building)
City:San Jose

This place is due to open any day now, the owners also own Mission Ale House) have been buying all sorts of local Tiki accoutrements, including the entire collection of a local Mtn View carver (Retired tree surgeon) who's been at it since the 1950s, and some Ku's carved from Lava Stone.

They have quite a bit of decore, and a big fenced in yard for smoking. The project is almost a year behind, and they have some serious cash into the place. Besides Tiki, it seems like there are elements of Rasta and Southwest fused in with the Tiki...(southwestafariki?)

This place is going to be a big part of regentifying a seedy part of downtown by the bus station...and despit it being so late in comming, it's sure going to be good to have a Tiki place in San Jose.

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