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Island Breeze, Gardena, CA (apartments)

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Name:Island Breeze
Street:1321 West Rosecrans Ave

High-security tiki apartment complex in a not-so-good neighborhood. Some tikis still inside.

I found the Island Breeze over a year ago but was unable to gain access to the interior. I appreciate the fact that the original sign still exists though.

Three entrances like this one. Barbed wire and security gates. This time I hung out in the back and waited. Finally someone had to dump trash in the dumpsters out back. I held the gate for him and he let me in.

There's a pool, but no tikis around it. The only tikis left in the whole complex are the posts at this standalone office a-frame:

Same carver who did the tikis and posts at the Islander in Gardena, the Tiki Aloha in Torrance, and the Kala Kai in Lomita.

A view of the carvings on the back of the posts:

I found this a satisfying end to a good day of tiki apartment hunting.


Too bad Sabu's images are gone. Same Tiki poles as the nearby Islander in Gardena, the Tiki Aloha in Torrance, and the Kala Kai in Lomita.

Google street view shows that the A-frame entrances are still there.

Now here is a cool lit bit of history. The apartments started out in life as the Hawaiian Village Apartments, as seen in this ad.

20-foot waterfalls, the Pango Pango Cabana Club and lava rock gardens. I am thinking there were some Tiki Gods present.

Love the managers Fred and Bertha, chiefs of the Hula Huts!


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