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Ports of Call, Toronto, Canada (restaurant)

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Name:Ports of Call
Street:1145 Yonge Street  

Located in midtown Toronto at Yonge and Summerhill, this many-themes-in one restaurant featured the Bali Hai Room, Caesar's Room, Dicken's Room, Last Chance Saloon, and the Ballon Rouge. Operated from 1963 - 1975. My mom says she remembers thinking it was 'tacky' at the time. Sounds great! I'd love to see pics or have any more info on this place.


I've got a matchcover and a few menus from there. I'll get some photos taken and post them soon.


Yessss! Thankyou!


Here's one of the menus and a matchcover from the Ports of Call. Its great to finally know where in Toronto this was located ! For awhile I had just the first menu pictured:

I wasn't sure exactly where it was from, yet it lists several kinds of Canadian wines and beers, so I figured it was from somewhere in Canada :

Then I found the matchcover ( which does mention the Toronto location, but no street address ), that uses the same symbol on the matchcover as on their Bali Hai drink mug :

I still need to get photos taken of the 2nd menu ( my camera batteries konked out ), I'll post them shortly.


Fantastic! So why have I never found any of these mugs, dammit!



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Good call, mojo!


Found this information about an architectural periodical with an article about the new office building that replaced the Ports of Call (by that time called The Ports) in 1983 (this article is from 1982, before the building was built):

Link to periodical details

Don't get too excited -- this isn't the actual article, just info on the article's existence. It says it includes illustrations, probably only of the new building, but maybe they'll have before-and-after shots.


I know exactly where it was, I have made pilgrimage to the site. The new building is just standard office/condo fare. Good to know it changed to 'The Ports', I thought that was just a nickname. It was also called 'The Courts of Paul' as a nicknname at the time too.

Zeta posted on Wed, Feb 4, 2009 7:54 AM

From Critiki:

Swizzle from Ports of Call in Toronto - date unknown, from the collection of Andy Johnson

found a couple blue ones!

I recently acquired a drink menu from the Bali Hai room at the Ports o Call. May be the same one that Puamana posted years ago.

Here is the cover.

Close up.

The drink menu.

Some close ups.

This menu is the first time I can remember the drink renderings showing the actual signature swizzle stick that was used at the bar as seen here:

Some great descriptions of the drinks used throughout.

I read a reference that this may have been associated with Steve Crane?


I picked up the dinner menu from the Bali Hai restaurant at the Ports o Call in Toronto.



Quick, who can tell me what other restaurants used this Tiki for a menu logo?


I know, I know (impatient raising of hand by teacher's pet) !!!

...and as a mug!

On 2011-07-26 17:41, bigbrotiki wrote:
I know, I know (impatient raising of hand by teacher's pet) !!!

...and as a mug!

Of course BigBro knows! Any other takers? Here is a clue.... the actual Tiki from said menu cover.

Now about that mug????


clown mug from steve crane......

So, Tipsy spots the Steve Crane Ku mug from the Tiki image, nice.

No guesses on the menu?

The Leilani in Brookfield, WI of course.


Just got this nice die cut appetizer menu from the Bali Hai at the Ports o Call, Toronto.

Some old favorites with new names.

Reminds me a bit of Ren Clark's Polynesian Village classic.


Here is a cool abstract tiki matchbook from the Bali Hai at the Ports of Call (as seen on ebay).


Not sure what location this came from so I'll post it in all three

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