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Thomas posted on Mon, Sep 5, 2005 7:29 PM

I've become interested in this man's story, but have been not been able to find very much about him. Apparently Tahiti issued a postage stamp in his honor, though, so he could be researched more in Tahiti I'm sure. At the time of this posting (Sept. '05), there was only one thread pertaining to him on Tikicentral, and it was about album cover art:

One of his songs is featured in the South Seas Island Magic four-record collection (Reader's Digest, 1968), which provides this background on him: "Eddie Lund, who became part owner of a nightclub in Tahiti and organized a band using native players..."

I thought, "this sounds like my kind of guy." Often when I research some Exotica musician or what have you, I find that he had a fairly ordinary career doing sountrack work in Hollywood or what have you. Nothing wrong with that, but Eddie Lund seems to have taken things a step or two further, one might say.

There isn't a whole lot on the internet about him apparently (though I'd love it if someone would prove me wrong about this). This web page by James Sayre:
http://www.bottlebrushpress.com/eddielund.html , offers good information, and I quote from some of it here:
Eddie Lund - A Short Biography
by James K. Sayre
Copyright © 2003
All Rights Reserved
Eddie Lund was the father of modern Tahitian folk music. He was born October 12, 1909 and grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where he first worked as a musician.
EDIT: This has been corrected by a Lund family member. It was Vancouver, Washington state, USA, not B.C., Canada.
In 1936 he made his first visit to the islands of French Tahiti. He spent a month there and immediately fell in love with the place, the people and their music. He returned to his job as a pianist in Portland, Oregon, saved his money and in 1938, moved permanently to Tahiti. He learned to speak French and Tahitian. He began composing songs in Tahitian, incorporating native melodies and drumbeats with his own creative thoughts. He organized a band of Tahitian musicians and starting in the business of making records on the Tahiti Records label, based in Papeete. In the 1950's these records were distributed on a worldwide basis by Criterion Records of Hollywood, California. Eddie Lund passed away in 1973.
Does anyone happen to know more about Eddie Lund, or at least agree with me that this is the sort of personal story that really "strikes a chord" (sorry -- pun intended!)? I will poke away at this topic from time to time and hopefully find some more material on him as well. The tikicentral thread I reference above does have a link to a nice looking album cover of his music.

[ Edited by: Thomas 2013-05-06 13:09 ]

I did a quick search on AllMusic.com & turned up this discography:

Bora Bora, LP & Cassette, Tahiti 1019
For Beachcombers Only, LP, Tahiti 1024
Haka Moko, LP, Tahiti 1010
Make Mine Tahitian, LP & Cassette, Tahiti 1012
Souvenirs De Paradis, LP & Cassette, Tahiti 1039

No dates are listed for any of them.


I have a ton of albums featuring songs written by this genius. He wrote about all the songs of tahitian songs played in the great area of the 50's to 70's.
You can hear lots of his songs on all the albums on the label Manuiti. I have about 25 to 30 albums of that label, only good stuff.
I did already a thread about Manuiti, this label presents the best of tahitian music...


Oh, yeah, and thanks a lot for this thread. This guy has to be re-discover.


I had "Bora Bora" on my share site a while back with the album cover. So I know I have the picture for that other thread. I really like the more "traditional" music and that LP is a favorite. Vana Vana is a favorite.

Sounds similar to Charles Mauu. He wrote various songs of the times, and was from the islands and had bit parts in a few films of the times.

I figured from the Bora Bora record he was some producer guy who put it together. It's good to know he was a native.

I have a great album Lund recorded -- "Call of the Coral Isles". It's a family band from the Paumotu Archipelago. I frequently spin cuts from the LP on the Flaming Ukulele Radio Hour.

I also have a 4 CD set titled "The Great Bill Sevesi" which includes several cuts written by Lund. Sevesi is the Tongan cat who brought first Polynesian music to New Zealand. He plays steel guitar.The CDs come from New Zealand. Sevesi is still alive and recording as recently as last year.

CAVEAT EMPTOR: while searching out the Great Bill Sevesi CDs, I ran across another 4 CD set titled "The Great South Seas Cruise" or something close to that. I bought both. Track for Track they are the same records.

Swanky posted on Tue, Sep 6, 2005 7:30 PM

Where did they find a mountain with a face on it?


The mountain?
Oh, That was done with a dremel with a carbide sanding drum.


Here are 2 Eddy Lund EP's I found recently.
Those are on Viking records, a new zealand compagny. You can check the Eddy Lund collection they had (all composed or arranged by Eddy Lund) in 1965.
Those were bought in Tahiti in 65 and 66.

I also think that every Eddie Lund Lp (or any other record on the Tahiti label) is worth to check out and would like to have a discography to check what I do miss etc. I start here a list that is based on the massive list from Tony Wilds (http://www.hipwax.com/music/tahitian.html) and did add what else I could find out. I did sort them by the label/numbers. I also do list other Tahitian records that have no connection to Eddie Lund but could be from interest to fans of tahitian music.

Now everyone can check if she/he can complete the info:

Tahiti Records: (Reo Tahiti/ Criterion & Tiare Tahiti/Criterion seems to be kind of sub or split labels)

Tahiti Eddie Lund & his Native Tahitians Presents Tahiti Dances, Vol. 1 10"; Tahiti (partly reissued on 12" LPs)
Tahiti Eddie Lund & his Native Tahitians Presents Tahiti Dances, Vol. 2 10"; Tahiti (partly reissued on 12" LPs)
Tahiti [no #] Eddie Lund & his Native Tahitians: Tahiti Dances; Tahiti [no #] (same jacket art as 10" Vol. 1; 1 cut not on 10")
Tahiti TR-201 Eddie Lund & his Native Tahitians: Tahiti Dances; (photo jacket; 1 cut different than previous 12" LP)
Tahiti EL-1001 Tahiti Dances LP vers.
Tahiti EL-1002 Eddie Lund & his Tahitians: Rendezvous ? Tahiti; (Criterion/Tahiti EL-1002)
Tahiti EL-1003 Eddie Lund & his Tahitians featuring Mila..: To the South Seas; (also issued without a cat. #)
Tahiti EL-1004 Eddie Lund & his Tahitians: Call of the Coral Isles; Tahiti EL-1004 (second jacket features Sylvain photo)
Tahiti EL-1005 Eddie Lund & his Tahitians & Mila: I Remember Tahiti;
Tahiti EL-1006 Eddie Lund & his Tahitians: L'Echo d'un Lointain Lagon (Sylvain photo jacket) (also issued without a cat. #) (probably same as Viking VP 40 echos from a distant lagoon)
Tahiti EL-1007 ?
Tahiti ELS-1008 Eddie Lund Presents...Meet Me In Tahiti! - Eddie Lund & his Tahitians (label says electronic stereo) (also Viking VP 21)
Tahiti EL-1009 ?
Tahiti EL-1010 Eddie Lund & his Tahitians: Haka Moko, LP (also Viking VP 56)
Tahiti EL-1011 The Mounty Drums Play Sharkskin Concerto
Tahiti EL-1012 Eddie Lund Presents...Make Mine Tahitian - Eddie Lund and his Tahitian featuring Loma-Teaitu and Turuma-Charley Itchner-Celaphine-Papeete mixed choir
Tahiti EL-1014 Eddie Lund Presents...Pepe & the Rarotongans: Rarotonga; (probably same as Siren Songs of the South Seas; Viking/Olympic 6153)
Tahiti EL-1015 Eddie Lund Presents...Will Crummer & the Seastars: Tahiti Meets Manihiki;
Tahiti EL-1016 Eddie Lund Presents...: Tahiti--Mon Amour - Loma Avec L'orchestre Hotel Tahiti
Tahiti EL-1017 Eddie Lund Presents...Aparima et Otea; (1/2 drums; w/Hiriata et son Choeur, Salamon et ses Batteurs, Maono et le Groupe de Patutoa)
Tahiti EL-1018 Eddie Lund Presents...Mariterangi/Jean Masson: Ua Reka Mariterangi; 1965
Tahiti EL-1019 Eddie Lund Presents...Bora Bora
Tahiti EL-1020 Eddie Lund Presents...Les Barefoot Boys et Loma: Au Tahiti Village; 1966
Tahiti EL-1021 Eddie Lund Presents...Salut a Aitutaki;
Tahiti EL-1022 Eddie Lund Presents...Les "Mama Ruau" Mormones: Tempo-Tuamotu; 1966
Tahiti EL-1023 Eddie Lund Presents...Les Barefoot Boys et Loma: Encore!;
Tahiti EL-1024 Eddie Lund Presents...[Various:] For Beachcombers Only; (Eddie Lund & his Tahitians, Sam Koki & the Islanders, Loma & the Barefoot Boys, Daphne Walker & the Kiwis)
Tahiti EL-1025 Eddie Lund Presents...Les Barefoot Boys: Bar Lea;
Tahiti EL-1026 Eddie Lund Presents...Otea Tiare Tahiti/Saloman et son Groupe: Tane te Vahine;
Tahiti EL-1027 Eddie Lund Presents...Loma avec ses Copains
Tahiti EL-1028 Eddie Lund Presents...Marie Terangi et les Bel Air Boys: Paumotu Party au Bel Air;
Tahiti EL-1029 Eddie Lund Presents...L'Orchestre Hotel Tahiti: Hotel Tahiti;
Tahiti EL-1030 ?
Tahiti EL-1031 Eddie Lund Presents...All time Tahitian Favorites vol 1 various artists
Tahiti EL-1032 Eddie Lund Presents...All time Tahitian Favorites vol 2 various artists
Tahiti EL-1033 ?
Tahiti EL-1034 ?
Tahiti EL-1035 ST Eddie Lund Presents...Saloman et son Groupe avec Kapuhia: Polynesian Primitive
Tahiti EL-1036 ST Eddie Lund Presents...Eddie Lund & his Tahitians: Paumotu Guitar;
Tahiti EL-1037 ?
Tahiti EL-1038 ST Eddie Lund Presents...Eddie Lund & his Tahitians: Teura Vahine
Tahiti EL-1039 Souvenirs De Paradis

Tahiti VSP7 Orchestre Eddie Lund avec Hiriata, Marik, Traitu, Turuma, Mila, Tanoa et John - a la belle epoque
Tahiti [no #] Eddie Lund Presents...Mariterangi Orchestra and Entertainers (group from Hikueru, directed by Marie) maybe later Tahiti EL-1007? or Tahiti EL-1009?

Tahiti ? Eddie Lund Presents... Vahine Ravarava fea. Bel Air Boys, Saloman, and Marie Terangi!
Tahiti ? Eddie Lund & his Tahitians - Island Dream Music

Tiare Tahiti SST-1600 [Gaston Guilbert]: Drums of Bora Bora/Songs of Tahiti;
Tiare Tahiti STT-1700 [Gaston Guilbert]: The Beat of Tahiti; 1957
Tiare Tahiti TT-1800 [Gaston Guilbert]: Tahiti Fete!; (2 volumes)
Tiare Tahiti STT-1900 Punaauia Serenaders: Tamure! Tamure!;
Tiare Tahiti TT-2000 Voices of the Atolls & Zizou Bar Trio: Ta'u Tahiti (Mon Tahiti); (Gaston Guilbert)
Tiare Tahiti TTM-8205 ? - Chants De Tahiti
Tiare Tahiti TTM-8210 ? - Clair De Lune Sur Moorea Moon Over Moorea
Tiare Tahiti TTM-8215 [Gaston Guilbert] - Oiseaux De Paradis
Tiare Tahiti TTM-8220 ? - Tahiti Souvenirs
Tiare Tahiti TTM-8225 Quinn's Orchestra - Une Night au Quinn's (early 60s)
Tiare Tahiti TTM-8230 ? - Tahiti Folklore
Tiare Tahiti TTM-8235 ? - Tahiti Pae Tatahi
Tiare Tahiti TTM-8240 ? - Henriette Chante Tahiti
Tiare Tahiti TTM-8245 [Filo Emile]: Ile De Corail
Tiare Tahiti TTM-8240 Henriette Chantetahiti

Reo Tahiti TR-200 The South Sea Serenaders: Beachcomber Serenade; 1950-55
Reo Tahiti RTS-520 Maeva & Manuia: Otuitui-Tahiti; 1965 (most songs by Eddie Lund but prod. Michael Goldsen)
Reo Tahiti RTS-530 various artists: Tahiti: Ile De Paradise (originally as MGM SE-4082)
Reo Tahiti SRT-540 [Gaston Guilbert]: Tahiti--Dream Island; (originally as Capitol STAO-10281)
Reo Tahiti SRT-550 Charles Mauu, his Coconut Uke & Roche's Tahitians: Tamur? Tahiti (originally as Dot DLP-25494)
Reo Tahiti SRT-560 The South Sea Champion Drummers: Pahu Tahiti!; (originally as Dot DLP-25297)
Reo Tahiti SRT-570 Te Popaa Groupe & Les Tahitians: I Left My Heart in Tahiti;

-----------------7inch Records:
Reo Tahiti RT-419 Teaitu Mariterangi: Paumotu!; (Eddie Lund) 1965
Reo Tahiti RT 6528 Learn To Speak Tahitian

Tahiti EP [no #] Eddie Lund Presents...Reka-Reka - Daphine Walker avec Bll Sevensi et les Samoan Surfriders (composed and arranged by Eddie Lund)
Tahiti EP 112 Paulina et ses Filles, Salamon et ses Batteurs - Otea Tare Tahiti EP
Tahiti EP 114 Groupe Otea Tiare Tahiti - Eddie Lund Presents... Paulina & Salamon EP

-----------------other labels 7inch Records:

no Label Chants Des Mers Du Sud EP [Jacques Villeminot] (french release)

49th State EP 37 EP no artist info on label (from 49th State LP-3422 Uncredited: Tahiti Dances)
49th State EP 50 EP (from 49th State LP-3426 Toti's Tahitians: Little Brown Gal)

Astor AE 12 Various - Songs Of The South Seas EP (incl Eddie Lund)

Bel Air 221 172 Teihotu et ses Tahitiens EP (incl. 'Tahua Hua' credited to Eddie Lund that is a vers. of Hawaiian War Chant with Tamoure Rhythm)

Columbia DB 7046 The Maori Hi-Five - South Sea Tamoure / Now Is The Hour (Tamoure) (UK promo release) 'South Sea Tamoure' called on the french rel. 'Harae Mai' by 'Les Maoris'
Columbia DB 7020 The Maori Hi-Five - Seven Canoes / Putti Putti (UK release) 1963 (a german BAD non exotic schlager version of Seven Canoes was a massiv schlager hit in germany)

Festival FY 2333 Les Maoris Canoes EP (group called in the uk The Maori Hi-Five)

Le Chant Du Monde EP45 3214 L'Otea Heiva, Madeline Moua - Tamoure Tahiti No1 EP (taken from LP Le Chant Du Monde LDX 74342)
Le Chant Du Monde EP45 3215 L'Otea Heiva, Madeline Moua - Tamoure Tahiti No2 EP (taken from LP Le Chant Du Monde LDX 74342)
Le Chant Du Monde EP45 3216 L'Otea Heiva, Madeline Moua - Tamoure Tahiti No3 EP (taken from LP Le Chant Du Monde LDX 74342)

Manuiti 4.005 Tony Chardo et les Surfsiders - Tahiti! au Zizou (a Bar in Papeete) EP

MGM 61073 Myla, Loma, Taaroa and Morito - Tahiti Tamoure SP

Palm TT 2190 Joey 'Vitiviti' Rardin with Roche's Tahitians - Cafe Aub Lait / I Left My Heart In Tahiti

Philips 424135 [Bob Putigny, Yves Roche] Vacances a Tahiti EP
Philips 432184 De Mottet (foklore recueilli par Sylvain) - Tahiti EP (taken from Philips B 76.049 Tahiti LP)
Philips 432316 Barel Coppet et ses Antillais - dansez aux Antilles EP
Philips 432859 Madeline Moua et les ballets Heiva - Tamoure EP (taken from Philips BB77481L /Philips 6311 147)
Philips FL 1077 Madeline Moua et les ballets Heiva - Papio / Perereau O Mantu SP (Philips Japan release) (taken from Philips BB77481L /Philips 6311 147)

Salem XE 3031 Daphine Walker - Fijian Holiday EP

Sinfonia SEP 532 Orchestre Filo et les Musicians du Santa-Monica de Noumea [Marcel Isy-Schwart] - Ruma-Ruma Tahiti (du film 'Joyaux De La Mer De Corail')

Tapa Tep 7 The Adi Cakobau Girls' Choir - Fijian Favourites
Tapa Tep 10 The Fiji Police Band - Songs Of Fiji

Vega V45 P2230 Dansez Le Tamoure No2 Split EP Tahiti Nui Club & The Tahitians (original recording by Viking Records of New Zealand)
Vega V45 P2239 Dansez Le Tamoure No4 EP - Eddie Lund & his Tahitians (licens from Viking Records of New Zealand)

Viking VE 39 Eddie Lund and The Bar Lea Orchestra - Jumpin' at the Bar Lea EP 1959
Viking VE 61 Te Aute Maori Club - hakas in hi - fi EP
Viking V66-4 Eddie Lund And His Tahitians chululu 1966
Viking V126-25 various artists - Tahiti! EP (incl. Mila with Eddie Lund and his Tahitians)
Viking V126-26 split EP Turuma with the Coral Islanders & Eddie Lund & his Tahitians) - Tahiti Dances (the two tracks from the a side are taken from Viking VP 14 Eddie Lund & his Tahitians - Lure of tahiti LP
Viking VE 74 Eddie Lund - A Night In Tahiti
Viking VE 80 Eddie Lund - Tahiti... Mon Amour
Viking VE 96 Eddie Lund & his Tahitians - Doll Tahitienne EP
Viking VE 118 Bruce Smith pres. his Seastars with Will Crummer - Rarotonga EP
Viking VE 229 The Mormons Present - Polynesia 1965

Vogue EPL 8016 Les Kaveka - Vana Vana EP
Vogue EPL 8037 Les Kaveka - Le Tamoure EP (taken from Vouge LD 603-30 les Kaveka - Surprise Partie Tamoure)
Vogue EPL 8049 Les Kaveka - dansez le tamoure (2) EP (taken from Vouge LD 603-30 les Kaveka - Surprise Partie Tamoure)
Vogue V45 1041 Les Kaveka - Papio / To To To E SP juke box (taken from Vouge LD 603-30 les Kaveka - Surprise Partie Tamoure)
Vogue V45 1042 Les Kaveka - les femmes d'amerique / manu pukarua SP juke box (taken from Vouge LD 603-30 les Kaveka - Surprise Partie Tamoure)

-----------------other labels LP & 10inch Records:

49th State LP-3422 Uncredited: Tahiti Dances;
49th State LP-3426 Toti's Tahitians: Little Brown Gal;

ABC-Paramount ABCS-444 Eddie Lund & Tahitians/Mutiny on the Bounty Drummers: Tahitian Paradise; 1962
ABC-Paramount ABCS-271 Terorotua & his Tahitians: The Lure of Tahiti;

Aron 30153 [Gerard Kremer] Le Juillet Polynesien - Tahiti Bora-Bora LP

Barclay 66023 Gilles Hollande & Les Grands Balletes De Tahiti - Tiare Tahiti
Barclay 920027 Orchestre Arthur Iriti - Iaora Tahiti (issued with two different covers)
Barclay 920457 Revue Tahiti Nui: Tahiti Nui; 1974 (France; group formed from amateurs)
Barclay ? Orchestre Arthur Iriti - Decouvrez Tahiti
Barclay KMLP 305 Orchsetre Arthur Iriti - Iaora Tahiti (Stereodimensionen) (same as Barclay 920027?)
Barclay 93091 Gilles Hollande - Tiare Tahiti LP 1975 (Sylvain cover)

Capitol T-483 Charles Mauu & his Royal Polynesians: Polynesia!; (reissues 10")
Capitol/Tower T-5001 Eddie Lund: Mai Tai Time; (organ)
Capitol T-10080 [Gaston Guilbert]: South Seas Honeymoon;
Capitol T10216 Various Artists Fiji (Isa Lei): Enchanting Music of the South Pacific
Capitol STAO-10281 Tahiti--Dream Island; (also Criterion/Reo Tahiti SRT-540)

Crown CST 271 Polynesians, The - Hawaiian Paradise (incl. great otea 'Bora Bora')
Crown CLP 5191 Polynesians, The - Beautiful Hawaii (incl. two tahitian classics 'Te Manu Pukarua' and 'Utere Utere'
Crown CLP 5136 Polynesians, The - Polynesia (fab versions of classic tahitian songs) 1961 (also as Chango & the Polynesians Directional Sound DS-5012)
anymore tahitian material on Polynesians Lp's to find???

Le Chant Du Monde LD-S-4238 Madeline Moua et les ballet polynesien Heiva - Chants Et Dances De Tahiti, 10inch
Le Chant Du Monde LD-S-4265 Enregistre a Tahiti par Maurice Bitter - Tahiti en Fete 10inch
Le Chant Du Monde LDX 74342 Madeline Moua et les ballet polynesien Heiva - O Tahiti (incl. Le Chant Du Monde LD-S-4238 10inch)

Columbia CS-8701 Ceremonial Musicians from "Mutiny on the Bounty": A Musical Adventure in Magic Tahiti, Liner Notes & Compositions by Eddie Lund;
Columbia ? Isa Lei, The Music Of Fiji

Decca DL-5226 Augie Goupil & his Royal Tahitians: Tahitian Rhythms 10"; c.1950 (78 album A-34; partly on Thurston Knudson & Augie Goupil: Tahitian Rhythms & Jungle Drums; Decca DL-8216)
Decca DL-8189 Eddie Lund & Tahitians: Rendezvous in Tahiti;
Decca DL-8608 Eddie Lund & Tahitians: Your Musical Holiday in the South Seas;

Directional Sound DS-5012 Chango & the Polynesians: Polynesian Percussion 1961 (also as Crown CLP 5136 Polynesians, The - Polynesia)

Dot DLP-25494 Charles Mauu, his Coconut Uke & Roche's Tahitians: Tamur? Tahiti; Dot DLP-25494 (also Criterion/Reo Tahiti SRT-550)
Dot DLP-25297 The South Sea Champion Drummers - Pahu Tahiti!

Fontana SRF-67515 Carlos Rubio: Tamoure; (also MGF-27515 UK label)

Festival 192 Tahiti D'Hier Et D'Aujourd'Hui (2LPs)

Harlequin HQ 2073 Augie Gopil and his Royal Tahitians - Tahitian Swing 1936-1938

Hibiscus HLS 17 The Korolevu Meke Group - Korolevu Singalong
Hibiscus HLS 23 Navuevu Village Entertainers - The Fijian
Hibiscus ? Tipi and Simon at the Princess Heiata - Paumotu Style in Tahiti

Manuiti 3001 Les Tamarii Punaruu - Punaauia beach blage
Manuiti 3006 Les Tamarii Punaruu - tahiti fola chants
Manuiti 3011 Les Tamarii Punaruu - Haere Mai, Himene tatou
Manuiti 3013 Les Tiki's Au Zizou Bar
Manuiti 3016 Les Tamarii Punaruu (arr. by Yves Roche) - Aue Tatou E! les 'tamarii punaruu'
Manuiti 3023 The Surfsiders - Surprise Party A Tahiti
Manuiti 3033 Yves Roche
Manuiti 3043 De Tahiti A Moururoa
Manuiti 3053 Pu'o'oro Plage
Manuiti 3063 Traditionel Tahiti
Manuiti 3073 Joel Et Son Groupe Folklorique - Maeva Tahiti, Chants Et Rythmes Tahitiens
Manuiti 3083 En Direct De tahiti avec les Barefoot
Manuiti 3093 Tahiti Kaina
Manuiti 3103 Promenade Sur Le Lagon avec Les Super Boys
Manuiti 3113 Aux Iles Sous Le Vent
Manuiti 3123 Taaone Ambiance avec Les Savates Jaunes
Manuiti 3203 Tiurai: Tahiti Festival
Manuiti ? Joel Et Son Groupe Folklorique - Maeva Tahiti, Echos Des Mers Du Sud
Manuiti ? Maitai Tahiti Cocktail
Manuiti ? Chants De Defiles - Tahiti Parade
Manuiti ? Chants Polynesiens Vavitu Island Songs

MGM SE-4082 various artists [realise par Gaston Guilbert]: Tahiti--Island of Paradise; (also as Reo Tahiti RTS-530)

Musidisc CV 1104 Enseble Tahiti, Faimano et Tihoni, Chant - Musique Folklorique Du Monde - Tahiti
Musidisc CV 1244 [Maurice Bitter] Ia Orana Tahiti
Musidisc CV 1434 [Maurice Bitter] Vive Tahiti!

Nonesuch H-72017 Francis Maziere [recorded]: The Gaughin Years--Songs & Dances of Tahiti; (same as Vouge LD 540-30)

Olympic OL-6162 Nat Mara, Tony Taukaki, The Taghitians and Vilisi - Welcome to Tahiti LP (also on Viking Rec.?)

Panorama MH 122 Les Scarlet - Youpi ya Tamoute SP

Philips B 76016 R Ella Berdy & Eileen Cowan (recueillis par Pierre et Colette Ladry) - Chants Tahitiens, 10inch (Issued with two different covers)
Philips B 76049 Tahiti LP
Philips BB 77481L Madeline Moua et les ballets Heiva - À Vous Tahiti (gatefold sleeve) LP (same recording as Philips 6311 147)
Philips 6311147 Uncredited but it is Madeline Moua et les ballets Heiva [Georges Tapare] - Tahiti LP (same recording as Philips BB77481L)

Repeat RS-170-9 Mokulani: Twilight in Tahiti;

RCA Victor LSP-3344 Quinn's Combo & the Tahitian Native Group: Tahiti Yesterday & Today; 1965

Riviera 521108 [Maurice Bitter] Chants D'Orofara Paradid Des Lepreux

Roulette SR-25279 Polynesian Rendezvous Features Daphne Walker, Bill Sevesi 1964

Sutton SSU-337 Uncredited: Polynesia;

Salem XP 5008 Welcome To Rarotonga
Salem XP 5018 Vineula Girls' Choir - Welcome to Samoa
Salem XP 5020 Pepe and the Rarotongans - Memories of Rarotonga
Salem XP 5025 The Magic Of Maori Song
Salem XP 5026 Songs Of Rarotonga
Salem XP 5027 Welcome To Tahiti
Salem XP 5030 A Treasury Of Maori Songs
Salem XP 5033 An Evening In The Ellice Islands
Salem XP 5039 Welcome To Fiji
Salem XP 5041 The Vei Lomai Group - Isa Lei & Other Songs of Fiji
Salem XP 5042 Ohau Maori Youth Club - Maori Songs
Salem XP 5044 Kabu Kei Rewa Group - Songs of Fiji
Salem XP 5048 various artists - The Beat Of Tahiti
Salem ? The New Zealand Opera Maori Chorus

Tamure 3005 Various: Special Ute-Tamure; (w/Charles Mauu; arr. Yves Roche)

Tahiti Unknown: Call of the South Seas;

Tempo TT-2254 [Gaston Guilbert]: Drums of the South Seas;

Viking VP 14 Eddie Lund & his Tahitians - Lure of Tahiti LP (on Viking V126-26 Tahiti Dances the track 'Papio' is cred. to Turuma with the Coral Islanders)
Viking VP 21 Eddie Lund & his Tahitians - Meet me in Tahiti (also as Tahiti ELS-1008)
Viking VP 56 Eddie Lund & his Tahitians - Haka Moko, LP (also Tahiti EL-1010)
Viking VP 60 Eddie Lund - let`s dance tahitian LP
Viking VP 78 The Tahitians
Viking VP 80 Nat Mara And His Tahitians - Peeping at Papeete
Viking VP 99 The Mauriora Entertainers - Sing Along In Maori
Viking VP 100 Moments in Rarotonga [Harry Napa]
Viking VP 122 Rarotonga Holiday
Viking VP 252 Faraway Places Rarotonga
Viking VP 272 the nakamakama villagers (in meles and songs) - unique fiji LP
Viking VP 315 Ensemble Tahitien Tauhiti - Dance To The Tamoure
Viking VP 316 Nat Mara and his Tahitians - The Tahitian Scene

Vogue LD 540-30 Francis Maziere [recorded]: Tahiti au temps de Gauguin (same as Nonesuch H-72017) (the Vouge one has the better sound!)
Vogue LD 603-30 les Kaveka - Surprise Partie Tamoure


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woaw, impressive job. I would have to complete that with all the manuiti I have and the other...there's much more I think;
Great list, thanks

That would be nice! As I am sure that there is a LOT MORE every help is highly appreciated.

I often did buy the same music in a different package and hope this list can help to avoid those things in the future. Also I personally find it interesting to see what recordings where released from major record companies. Btw. I think about to reduce the Discography here to Eddie Lund (and Tahiti records) and start a new Topic:
Discography: Tahitian (+ other polynesian) Music on Vinyl ca. 1950-1980 (excluding Hawaii)
Make that sense?


[ Edited by: lemonsqueezer 2006-08-14 17:14 ]

Today I picked up Polynesian Primitive at an antique store. I can't find many other mentions of it online. Did I find a rarity or just a forgotten LP?

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Bas posted on Sun, Mar 21, 2010 12:50 PM


My mother died last friday and on here funeral she wants us to play 'Fayaway' from Eddie Lund. We (she) have got the vinyl record "I Remember Tahiti" but we need the song on cd!

Who is able to send me the song in MP3 or who knows a link or ...

We need this song on wednesday 24-3-2010!

Kind regards, Bas.


sorry, I only have the vinyl too, and no way to digitalize it. Maybe you could ask Lemonsqueezer or Kahuna Kawentzmann ?


There is an amazing amount of Eddie Lund LPs out there. I have a few dozen & keep running across more. As the guy was from Washington State, I can't help but wonder if most of these songs are actually folks songs that he simply copyrighted. I mean, I'm sure he wrote SOME Tahitian songs, but, I think these can't possibly all he his handiwork. I know on some LPs individual artist names are mentioned performing certain songs, although the jacket front always simply says "Eddie Lund & His Tahitians." I know he used artists that were known in Tahiti already.
I'm not discrediting him here, I'm just making a comparison by calling him "The Webley Edwards Of Tahiti."

Cool, found this today!

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