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South Pacific, Rochester, NY (restaurant)

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Name:South Pacific
Street:Pittsford Plaza


Something tells me visiting Pittsford Plaza will not turn up any remnants... read below:
"Pittsford Plaza is the retail heart of the affluent community of Pittsford, a suburb of Rochester, NY. Pittsford Plaza has conveniently served its community for more than 40 years, offering unique fashion and restaurant tenants as well as lifestyle concept tenants that cater to the affluent Pittsford customer. Pittsford Plaza has evolved into a destination for sampling the finer side of living.

Included as part of the overall development is a 50,000 square foot Barnes & Noble, which has become one of the main interest points in Pittsford. Also, the Wegman’s flagship grocery superstore brings a market-style environment filled with cafés and atmosphere to the overall Pittsford Plaza Mix. Some tenants that share and contribute to this unique environment are Bed Bath & Beyond, Snow Country, The Red Barn, and Rochester’s only TJ Maxx."

[ Edited by: tikifish 2005-09-06 05:42 ]

Picked up the matchbook and found a postcard from the South Pacific Restaurant in Rochester.

Pretty cool bar area with some nice Tiki poles. Almost looks like Witco in style. Looks like some Tiki shields on the base on the bar behind the stools.


I picked up another matchbook style from the South Pacific in Rochester.


Yep, this was only down the street from the Aloha restaurant. Now I'm curious to see exactly where this was. Maybe pop over to the area Saturday.

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