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this is a signature test.

no big deal.

just using enough characters so that the signature shows up.

did i type enought yet?

i dunno maybe i better type more just to be sure.

okay, that should be enough.

hope it works.

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well hello there everyone! I'm doing a little signature test as well...shutterfly keps cropping pictures and wotnot...

POLYNESIAC - putting the 'F' back in ART

---------DANG! it looked the smae no matter how I did it...I'll keep the original.

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fu%@ing sh!t !!! [email protected]

one more time for the gipper.

But, the freakin cork sucker won't let me have it as a sig. WTF!!!???

It did before. The eye patch must be throwing it all off. Freaking computers!!!!

It worked!!

I think I need to shrink it..

one more try.

I give up.

it shrunk but did not show up again.

one more try with more words. as i read Arty's post above. you have to have a certain amount of words for the sig to show up?? who the hell wrote this chapter??

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ok. I'm starting to get it. the 4th # to the right is the key to success!!

But the white on the top and bottom really suck! Gonna try it with a 9 and see what happens.

it got smaller???

7 is mucho grande!!

8 will do for now.

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3i4lu13n0tcu0;581ptitcu659 75 owe 5po i52u2tiu53094 y[04q9ui pjfkqp3860tu039 45t58 9q34[0t34 85[1340i5pwjk 0[67053tujqerpj-250[69[854 0 46 t98qi54tp jkep

50t98 tt t0 ut[04ut 'qpt1-95t 5t-ui3fi k !!!!!!!!!!

I guess the computer understands jibberish. Now, how does one get the picture to be a little bigger?? But! Not as big as the giant one above??????


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