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[ Edited by: dogbytes 2006-02-05 22:39 ]

Newbie Collectors ~ here's your chance to score a some cheap mugs ... 1-4 bucks each YOU PAY SHIPPING (you pick method, and send me a check when you get your stuff) ~

also, Shriner Pins for 50 cents each
and cocojoes, wood carvings, other mugs, tapa and dishes! lets just price any cocojoes at 4 bucks, wood carvings at 8-10 bucks, tapa fans at 3, candles at 3 bucks... please read the complete descriptions, a couple things in the pix have already been traded...

i'm not sure how to do this fairly ~ Who gets what? i'll just use my best (random) judgement at the end of two weeks (Feb 6) to allow people ample time to reply.

3 Sneaky Tiki Lake Tahoe mugs ($4 excellent paint, $3 good paint, $2 fair paint)

2 Leiloni ($1)

Trader Dick ($2)

Trader Dick ($2)

Unmarked 3 face bucket ($1)

unmarked moai($1)

Zeta Beta Tau ($1)

OOH R72 Moai, flaw on back ($1)

2 New Mugs ($2)

TV Coconut ($1)

Creamer ($1)

Unmarked Hula Girl like Harvy's ($4)

RV USA Coconut no white glaze on rim ($1)

Harvey Lake Tahoe 3 face bucket ($1)

2 Al Harrington ($2 each) (chipped on back, 50 cents)

El Sid's Sparks Nevada ($4)

3 Peanut Mugs (all for just a $1) two have rim chips, one is "ok" condition

4 BIG, 1 small Glass Tiki (FREE.. but you're paying shipping!)

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i got a suprise in yesterday's mail.. my Uncle Fred sent me a Trader Vic's Tie Tack, a TV Menehune Good Luck coin and an unmarked tietack. not sure if these are old or new.. Uncle Fred worked with The Trader back in the days...

the details dont show up in the pictures, the first tietack has "Trader Vics" imprinted on the bottom.

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