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Hawaiian Village, Norwalk, CA (apartments)

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Name:Hawaiian Village, Norwalk, CA
Street:11251 Pioneer Blvd
City:Norwalk (SoCal)

The towering palm trees are a dead giveaway that you found the spot.

I wonder how cool the original font looked before it was 'updated' with this new and improved fantastic signage?

the pool hut

No remaining tikis here, but still a well maintained classic example of SoCal Polynesian Pop apartment architecture.

[ Edited by: ZuluMagoo 2005-09-10 16:14 ]

Beautiful looking apartment complex with some great spindly palm trees. I'm guessing that maybe the metal pole holding up the pool a-frame once had a carved tiki "sleeve" like the one at the Hanakiki in Santa Ana. Thanks for hunting this one down. I always suspected there were Tiki apartments in Norwalk.


I drove past these apartments this morning and almost caused a crash...I didn't even know they were there! I was going to make a u-turn and go back to look, but I was on company time (like that ever stops me). Good to know they are still unchanged and operational.

I drove by the other day when headed back to work, which is up the street. I snapped these photos of the pool area.

here's the other pic

Checked out this very large property today (spring, 2012) Most of the pix that I took have been previously posted -thanks for your efforts,you know who you are.
You can truly feel the ghosts of past luaus, 60's cocktails, happy talk and of course the former presence of Tiki. I encourage all to visit this site just to marvel at the architecture. As pointed out by previous posters-there is no tiki there. The place is , on the surface,immaculate with well tended landscaping including giant bird of paradise plants and hands of bananas growing through-out.Look closely at where the huge beams supporting the beautiful "a-frame" adjacent to the pool are attached to the concrete pilings/piers. The ends are just a shell (dry rot)of their former selves. I fear that the next major shaker will bring the whole thing down.Also, if a city inspector orders repairs I think economics will force a demolition-the cost of the huge beams (apprx. 8"x20"x ?) in these times is probably prohibitive. I'll try and post some pix next week.
Get out and see this place if you can.

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