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Kwan Yin & Samoan , Stanton, CA (apartments)

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Name:Kwan Yin & Samoan
Street:7932/7972 Lampson Ave.
City:Stanton (SoCal)

The Kwan Yin is a mixture of Poly Pop and asian architecture

with this cool circular entrance gate

with this A-frame pool shelter and BBQ area

The former Samoan complex (now called Pine Village) is the sister complex to the adjacent Kwan Yin. However, the front entrance is different and the original name has been removed.

the same pool hut/BBQ area as the Kwan Yin

[ Edited by: ZuluMagoo 2005-09-10 16:36 ]

Some of the coolest modernist A-frames I've seen! Again, I can only imagine how nice they were when they had tikis, (and possibly gas-fed torches). Love the circular entrance gate as well. Surprised but glad that they kept such an odd (and probably inconvenient as far as moving furntiture through it) gate.


On 2005-09-10 16:35, ZuluMagoo wrote:

That's a way trippy/cool roof with the chimney in the center.

Very cool ZM........

Nice shot Bongo, where is that?

That's the Kona Pali on Balboa in the San Fernando Valley. Here is the front of that shot......that is in fron of the pool.....

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