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Exotic Isle, Alhambra, CA (apartments)

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Name:Exotic Isle
Street:109 S. Alamansor St.
City:Alhambra (SoCal)

This complex has been updated and renamed Jade Gardens. No more tikis, but there are still some very cool architectural elements that remain.

The interior courtyard garden

The cantilevered recreation room

Walkway under this lava rock arch. The top of the arch has a canal which water flows across and down a waterfall into the gardens below (it was not running while I was there).

Sven has some great shots of this place in the BOT (p. 220) before it was 'updated'.

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I stopped by the Jade Gardens yesterday. Despite the total lack of tikis, the place is still beautiful.

Most of the water features were working except for the one in front of the building.

It just breaks my heart looking at those BOT pictures though.

My gosh, this place is just down the street from me. I would love to check it out sometime!


Who the hell would want to live there?

I have a friend who lives here and was kidding.

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