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Tiki in Your Local Newspaper

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Always interesting to see how all things Tiki get written up in the local news. My thoughtul aunt sent me some news clippings the other day from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, reprinted from a Baltimore Sun piece. The lead story "Tacky torches light tiki comeback trail" features the following helpful advice for enjoying tiki:

"Thinking about going tiki? Remember, a little goes a long way. And authenticity is to be avoided at all costs. The tackier the tikier.

"Entertaining tiki style can be as easy as spiking the Hawaiian Punch, adding little umbrellas and playing that new CD from surf guitar legend Dick Dale.

"Chop up a ripe pineapple for an appetizer, order carryout spare ribs from the nearest Chinese restaurant, throw a colorful beach towel on a picnic table. Put on your loudest aloha shirt or bathing suit. As fast as you can say "Greetings from Honolulu," you've met the tiki challenge."

Ah yes, well, Milwaukeans will no doubt be casting aside their Packers regaila and putting on "their loudest shirts" soon.

For the complete text of the article, including press for Sven and Otto, see:

The related article, "Add a little tiki to your life," found at http://www.jsonline.com/Entree/general/sep02/80887.asp offers this advice "If you don't do anything else, invest in a set of tiki mugs, the universal emblem of abandon."

Which would make Shecky the Universal Emblem of the Universal Emblem of Abandon, I suppose.

Happy reading...

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