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Hukilau brings Martin Denny to the Mai Kai

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I can't stand it any longer! I have to inform the ohana just how special this is!

I have decided not to book a third show at the Mai Kai this year (we are extremely close to selling out the 2nd show!!) in order to bring Hukilau attendees something remarkable.

The Waitiki Orchestrotica, the amazing 4 piece ensemble coming all the way from Boston playing Hukilau 2005 this year, will perform an all Martin Denny set on stage at the Mai Kai on Saturday evening following the 2nd Mai Kai dinner show. I wanted this to be something that everyone could see, hear and appreciate. The Mai Kai will clear the area in front of the stage of tables to create an area for dancing or just for us all to get up close and personal while we sway to the wonderful sounds of Mr. Martin Denny. We will also be able to fill the tables in each of dining areas that surround the stage. This will be an encore performance as Waitiki just played the Hawaii International Jazz Festival where Marty's daughter, Christina, told them it was as if he were playing himself.

Hukilau 2005 is dedicated to the memory of Martin Denny - this is a perfect way to honor him while we're all together.

Please visit http://www.waitiki.com to learn more about these accomplished musicians - I'm so proud to have them as part of Hukilau 2005!

There will be a short intermission after the 2nd dinner show at the Mai Kai to set the stage and clear tables. I would like to ask everyone to please understand there will be a lot of people there - we are looking at a record attendance here, please expect a standing room only - you know that at Hukilau, we just don't leave the Mai Kai! Turner South, CNN and other film crews will also be in attendance and we'll all be tightly packed but it will be worth it in the end. We will clear the dining room and provide entertainment in Samoa and Tahiti (the rear dining areas) and also in the Molokai Bar while we await Waitiki to take the stage. I hope eveyone is excited as I am!

Yee-Haw & Aloha,

The World of Tiki Kiliki

[ Edited by: tiki_kiliki 2005-09-11 11:29 ]

I said on the Bunny Yeager thread, "How could you possibly make it any cooler?!" and joked about an appearance of Mr. Denny from the great beyond, and you DO it (well, almost)!!

DANG, woman!! I just may keel over from the excitement that weekend! Have plenty of electro-paddle things handy!!


It just keeps getting better and better, and it was fantastic to begin with. An all Martin Denny set, that's just frosting on the cake, or I should say It's the orchid on the Mai Tai. I'm going to have to buy two more memory chips for my camera to capture Hukilau 2005.

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