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Sam's by the Sea, Naha, Okinawa, Japan (restaurant)

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Name:Sam's by the Sea
country:Okinawa, Japan

Sam's by the Sea is a spinoff of Sam's Anchor Inn. Both have been fixtures in Okinawa for years. The cool thing about eating at Sam's, si that not only does it have Tiki, you are literally on an exotic island in the Pacific.

Sam's by the Sea also has a location in Awase.

I was stationed in Okinawa in 97-98. This restaurant was probably the place that got me interested in tiki related things...place was amazing from what I remembered.

didnt they use to play a lot of country western ? i was in oki in the 80's ithink i went in there once for about five minutes


Sam's has several restaurants . Look interesting . Gonna try and head on down to Okinawa this summer sometime .


I'd love to check this place out. It may be what finally gets me to Japan.


I'm hoping to get there in October !


I used to go here a lot in 98-2000. One cool thing about the place was that the music prominently featured Martin Denny.


My brother raised his family on Okinawa and they would always have the reunions there.
Over the years as the families got bigger and bigger and eventually they would take over the place. They have promised me some pictures to post from the various reunions. The kids would ditch high school and head for Sam's to party and not get carded.

I'd love to see some photo's of the place if any of you visit :)


One photo at there website here http://www.sams-okinawa.jp/by_the_sea/en_index.html


Also here are a few pics of the mug from my collection ...

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