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The Islander Apartments, Santa Ana, CA (apartments)

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Name:The Islander Apartments
Street:2724 North Bristol
City:Santa Ana

Apartment complex, not sure about the age. The driveway has a large A-frame structure with a tiki pole on the street side, and another facing the apartment complex. The parking lot is U-shaped, and there's a large A-frame pool house with another large tiki pole supporting the structure.
I looked around inside, no other tikis that I could see.


Here's some photos from the lovely Islander Apartment complex:

The sign next to the front driveway:

The driveway with A-frame:

Detail of the tiki pole inside the A-frame. This one is facing the street, hence the angle. There's another facing the other direction:

Picture from inside the complex. Lots of trees and foliage, but no tikis:

A picture of the pool area. You can see the A-frame pool shelter in the background:

Here's a close-up of the pool house. Note the tikis!:

An alternate angle on the pool house:

The view from the parking lot facing Bristol:

These are the apartments that Eli Hedley outfitted and later retired to, as mentioned on page 77 of the BOT.

Among the above mentioned things, they also had some great (now dried out) waterway landscaping on the side entrance.


I had thought these might have been the same ones. I remembered the BOT saying something about Eli retiring in Santa Ana, but oddly enough, couldn't find any other information about these apartments here on TC. I had thought for sure someone would have beat me to the punch.

Josh - if you have some free time, also check out the Hanakiki which is just around the corner on Memory Lane:

The link above is almost 3 years old now! My how time flies. Even though it covers the Islander Apts as well, it's about time someone added them to the Locating Tiki forum, where they belong. Thanks for the up-to-date report and photos.


Right around the corner! I'll go check it out, this week if I can. Pics to follow! In a separate thread!

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