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For the Hukilau Auction! A special warclub!

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The finished Solomons warclub for the Hukilau Auction...This one turned out very well, and is among my best work on war clubs. It is very sharp, as an original would be (these were made for lopping the heads off of enemies, you know.. :) ) There are a few different typical clubs from the area, but these spatulate/swordform clubs seem to have been the choice of the majority in the chain..One decorated as such would have belonged to an elder or a warrior caste, and would be passed down through hundreds of years. The lanyard is hand braided and aged raffia...you wouldn't want to be fighting off an invader and lose your trusty weapon! It also comes with the gin-yew-wine certificate of authenticity that companion all of my stuff! It is 21 inches long, and ready to add that air of mystery and danger to your tiki cove!! And all for a very good cause.!


keeeeyryyyyps, theres no holding a candle to you my man (it would probably spark an explosion). did that take a year to carve or what?

That thing is totally INCREDIBLE!!! Great job and such fantastic detail too!! WOW!! Must have taken you awhile on that one eh?

Cheers and Mahalo,

Very very Bitchin' BK, Your carved weapons and their stories have always fascinated me. Thanks for the share.


Very Nice BK......


That detail....amazing! Beautiful work.

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