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Mona Kai Apartments, Culver City, CA (apartments)

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Name:Mona Kai Apartments
Street:4600 sawtelle blvd
City:Culver City

Small midcentury polynesian apartments; about 10 units(?). In weathered but decent shape. No tikis on the grounds as far as I saw. Visible from the 405 freeway Northbound, right after 90.

Photos taken 8-5-2005

Breath taking!

I drive by these apartments about once a week on my way to lunch. I did a search foolishly thinking that I had discovered this place that anyone can clearly see from the 405 freeway but I was wrong, Hanford who lives 350 miles away beat me to it by 2 years. :lol: Anyway I thought I'd add a couple more pictures.
The 405 is expanding about 30 yards across the street making the early morning traffic report from your apartment window even easier.

I like the tiny lava wall.

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