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Sydney Tiki Party! Down under exotica gig...

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hewey posted on Mon, Oct 3, 2005 7:49 AM

Saturday October 8th
The Frequency Lab,
10/342 Elizabeth Street,
Surry Hills (2 minutes from central)
8pm- 2am/ $15

Some years since a small group of ‘urban archeologists’ uncovered the 1950s craze for Tiki bars and Exotica music (a pre-World Music amalgam of Latin, Jazz, Pacific, African and Asian styles) - the Tiki phenomenon has grown like an unstoppable jungle weed.

Now the deep and beautiful weirdness of Exotica erupts in Sydney – a city next to the Pacific ocean and home to many indigenous Pacific people. The Lava Lounge blends the lurid, inauthentic dreams of Tiki with the heightened reality of post-modern Pasifikana. Expect a night-time utopia of bamboo, thatch, active volcanoes, huge carvings, moody lighting, and performances from surf-addicted beach bums, bongo-frenzy beatniks and proud Pasifikan performers.

Confused? Don’t be.

Don your brightest tropical shirt, get some friends together and prepare for a visit to an entirely new world – the volcanic and exotic realm of the Lava Lounge.

Man I gotta get there! Bad thing is I got to work the next day and this gig is an hour away from me.

Everyone laughs at me because I am different. I laugh at everyone else because they are all the same.

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harro posted on Thu, Oct 6, 2005 4:18 PM

sounds cool hewey, we don't get stuff like that up here in qld... make sure you go and tell us what it was like!!


hewey if your going
look for the sideburns & the red hawaian shirt i'll buy you a beer

Hey Bob,
Anj was asking if this was a new Bar? and if you remember a band that played at The Hollywood called "The Alohas" (maybe at your birthday?)


hey guys
Not to sure about the bar, i will find out more tonight.
As for the aloha,s they played at the first tiki night i put on at the hollywood, they played around for a few years had some line up troubles , i think they are about to start playing again though.
they have a great CD out. Have a look at http://www.offthehip.com.au


hewey posted on Sat, Oct 8, 2005 8:10 AM

Didnt make it. Too many facotrs conspired against it. Bugger.

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