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I have the luck to be headed to Vegas for Thanksgiving weekend. I was there this past Thanksgiving and totally forgot that Taboo Cove and Venus were in the Venetian Hotel. Now I get a chance to go back and I have heard rumors that one has closed, and I don't know which one. If anyone has been there recently or has any information please let me know. Thanks.



I am going out there in a couple of weeks - I hope they are still open.

I'm going to be in Vegas for 24 hours this weekend. I'll see what I can find out. You guys might be interested in this quote from Shag's site.

"Venus, the Shag-outfitted nightclub at the Venetian Hotel on the Las Vegas strip, will be redecorated and outfitted with a less "appealing" motif, as the Shag-designed accoutrements (menus, lobby displays, casino displays, swizzle sticks, napkins, matchbooks, etc.) were all "appropriated" by enthusiastic patrons. While Shag appreciates the spirit of those who enjoy his art, he is sad to see the establishment change its appearance under those circumstances

Well to me, it sounds like the presence of Shag's work is attracting people who specifically like and appreciate his art. How then is it a sound business decision to remove the element that draws them? Perhaps (like in many things) the answer lies in the money... I guess the thieves weren't spending any in the place. But would Shag fans steal a menu and run away without partaking of the experience? Something doesn't add up here.

Well, I noticed that a fair amount of Taboo Cove stuff appeared on eBay, so I hope those thieving swine are happy with their ill-gotten 'profits'.

The horrible irony is that the stuff will be 'worth' even more now it's been redecorated.

Trader Woody


Taboo Cove is a must see...but get there quick. I am not confident that it, or Venus, will be in business a whole lot longer.

It's common to see one, or both, closed on a given weeknight. The location is an absolute disaster. No access from the casino floor or inside the Venetian. You have to take a sherpa, two indian scouts, and a compass to find the place!

Some new ownership was involved not to long ago. It's a shame cause Bosko did an excellent job on Taboo Cove...but I would put it on the "endangered" list.

Of course, Kahunaville across the Strip is always packed. But it is an ugly, loud, Parrothead fest of a sports bar. Does have some neat Bosko pieces, though.

Taboo Cove/Venus now has a dress code (for guys) And a nice $10 cover charge (for guys) The ladies are free. Weird Uncle Tiki and I were stopped from going in back in March because of our footware so we let the girls go in to check out the place. The report was that the place was empty, only a couple of people in there.

Well, thanks for the info all. It's a shame that I am not going until November, which may be too late for Taboo Cove and/or Venus judging from some of the posts. I guess I will just have to keep my fingers crossed. I've only been to Vegas once, and since I was so awe struck by the town, I wasn't able to soak everything in. Besides Taboo Cove and Venus are there any other Tiki themed places I might check out, or anything else worth hunting for for that matter? It seems to me that there would be more in Vegas along these lines, and I'm sure some Tiki Centralites might have some insider info on some of the true undiscovered hot spots of the town!


Hey, emmceedee11! I just posted a Las Vegas tip for you and the gang in the Las Vegas Tiki forum. Have fun!

-Weird Unc


For the urban archeologists going to Vegas, I have read that one of the original moais from in front of the Aku Aku restaurant is now spending retirement in a local park. The park is at 2601 E. Sunset Road, right by the airport. I'll be going out in June, so I plan to look for this piece of history and take some pics.

~ tikigreg


Besides Taboo Cove and Venus are there any other Tiki themed places I might check out, or anything else worth hunting for for that matter? -Matt

Hiya Matt, I see someone did mention the huge Aku Aku in the park. That's a neat spot to see. In terms of Taboo/Venus I'd say you'll probably be able to still see them in November. Hopefully you'll be there on the weekend.

Other spots. Well "Kahunaville" in Treasure Island. It's more of a bar with tiki items than a tiki bar. But visit to see some of the decor by Bosko. In the Alladin is a burger joint "Cheeseburger at Oasis" that has many tiki mugs and palm trees. Good food too. I also have been told there is a good "tiki-ish" bar at Bellagio( a Chinese restaurant) AND there is a place in Luxor that is pretty tropical.

That's just the Strip...I am sure there is more. All I know is the Strip, there's so much there I have never ventured further.

Do get to Taboo Cove though. The drinks are iffy, the music is bottom-notch, they have a TV('MTV Real World' if you're real unlucky)..BUT it is so nice inside.


I thought Cheeseburger at the Oasis in the shops at the Alladin hotel was great. Nice staff, good food and lots of vintage Hawaiiana and tiki trinkets. The waitresses wear grass skirts too!

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