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Mad Monster Party on DVD

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Mad Monster Party!!

I can not say enough good things about this movie. Pure diabolical genius! An animated Halloween classic from Bass and Rankin and its now available on Netflix. Check it out!

Do the mummy!

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Great minds think alike Chongo! My favorite Halloween movie EVER! Will be being played on a wall as a background at our Halloween party this year!


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The voice of Boris Karloff.
A script cowritten by Harvey Kurtzman.
Skeletons in Beatle wigs.

The makings of a true classic.

I love this movie. Showing my age, I actually saw this in the theater. Here is a cool video download of the Misfits playing the "Monster Mash" with scenes of the movie

Real Player


I also recommend the original sountrack.Check out
MP3's here.

Phyllis Diller 1917-2012

YouTube: Mad Monster Party trailer


Damn I am starting to like Halloween collecting more than tiki.

Now this!


That print is now up there with his Universal Monster ones for things I want postcards of :D

It's funny you say that skip... I'm actually coming at it the other way: from Goth into Monster Kitsch into Tiki :)

Hamo posted on Sun, Oct 1, 2017 10:11 PM

I had no idea Rankin/Bass did anything for Halloween. Just put the Blu-ray at the top of my ClassicFlix queue.


"It's funny you say that skip... I'm actually coming at it the other way: from Goth into Monster Kitsch into Tiki"

So you trade me Halloween for my tiki.

Man I got some real good tiki.
And some great Halloween too.

"The beautiful people the beautiful people"

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