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Cap's Tiki, TAMPA, FL (restaurant)

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Name:Cap's Tiki
Street:Highway 54 at Bruce B Downs
Phone: 813-929-7440

Caps has 2 big Tikis welcoming you through the front door.

As you walk in you'll see a bar to the left - but keep walking to the outside. A beautiful thatch-roofed outdoor area has seating for 50 or so. The outdoor bar is made of the wood from an old nautical wreck. The owners are Bonnie and Randy and are VERY friendly. They had a bottle of Trader Vics Macadamia Nut on the shelf.

When I dropped off a copy of the Crazed Mugs CD and a copy of Haole Kats' Lei'd Back, they put one on immediately. I also brought in a half bottle of orgeat for them to sample and when Bonnie saw the Trader Vic's logo she went to her office and brought back a Trader Vic's menu she had taken from the Plaza Hotel in NYC back in the 70s.

They are wanting to do more tikis and tikifying of the bar.
Stay tuned.

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Any news on this place???

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