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The Tiki Hut, Lakeville, MN (restaurant)

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Name:The Tiki Hut
Street:11287 Klamath Trail
Phone:(952) 435-7156

Nestled next to Kingsley Lake in Lakeville, MN is the Tiki Hut, a Tiki and Polynesian-themed casual dining room which, paired with the more formal Captain’s Quarter, forms the Chart House.

From the outside, the Chart House has a strong nautical theme which is continued indoors in the Captain’s Quarter formal dining room. Visitors are presented a Polynesian-themed restaurant, the Tiki Hut, immediately upon entering the Chart House.

The Tiki Hut is decorated in full-on Tiki style, with bamboo-clad walls and ceilings, thatched walls, distressed-hardwood floors, glass floats and puffer fish hanging from the ceiling, tribal masks on the wall, grass roofs over the bar and entryway, several aquariums with tropical fish, and two Tiki statues flanking the entrance.

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Kat and I visited the Tiki Hut on Thursday night. We stayed long enough for a couple of appetizers and drinks. They had no Tiki drinks nor was their menu particularly exotic. However, our appetizers, egg rolls and coconut-breaded chicken breast strips, were excellent.

The decor was rather good in my opinion. The bartender told us it had been recently remodeled. Previously, it was a private club, the Kon Tiki.

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Excellent work Scott scoping out that tiki bar in Lakeville! I saw an ad in the City Pages probably around the time it opened and was curious, but kept forgetting about it. We should plan one of the Minnesota Tikiphile Gatherings there.

I, Z


Emily and I checked out this place last night. Not exactly tiki, like Scott said, but the decor in the bar was nice. Bamboo everywhere. Awesome shrimp. I noticed the bartendor was younger, so I assumed she didn't know the history of the Kon Tiki private room, but I will investigate more and hopefully find something interesting.

The Tiki Hut has closed and been replaced with Ruppert's Lounge. All the bamboo and thatch as been removed as have the two Tiki's and misc. Tiki decorations. The porthole aquariums are still there but I suspect they did not remove them because it would have been too much effort to fix the holes.

The owner of The Chart House and The Tiki Hut is in an assisted living home. I suspect that whomever took over is the person responsible for de-Tikifying this place.


I ended up with most of the bamboo from that place for $100 bucks. I filled up my Jetta with as much bamboo as I could fit in it. I ended up with a lot surprisingly.

Scott!! I have a poster from Exotica for you the next time I see you guys.

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