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email delivery of messages?

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Great going! I welcome this beta test run. Who needs Yahoo and their endless ads and popups!

I thought I would ask you this question as others might have had the same question. Is there a way to receive our messages by email?

Hey Jab,

Well, there's no way to recieve messages by email yet. I'm looking into that.

Actually that was one of my conserns/hesitations when deciding whether or not we should move to a new system.

Until we get mail messages going (if we do), you can check the "Notify by email when replies are posted" option when creating a new topic. Unfortunatly, it's just for the person who actually created the new topic; not for people who reply :(

Again, I'm looking into it!



The host I just put my pages on has free majordomo list stuff. That would work just like Yahoo and other lists, but no ads and other junk. Maybe your host offers that.

cool, Majordomo will work... The key is being able to mirror the information posted here into an email.

When looking to switch from Groups to something new I wanted to make sure whatever we chose supported the features that people liked about clubs minus the ones people hated (which is in part why I started the "What I hate about Groups" thread at the old Group). I wanted to make sure the solution I chose wasn't going to end up causing a new set of problems, not just for me, but for everyone.

From that standpoint I ruled out a mailing-list that only worked through email since a lot of members use the web UI, and it's hard to add/support image galleries via mail-only. I looked through our user database and saw that only a small percentage was using mail delivery, so I figured it'd be more important to have a web interface first, with the mail delivery coming after.

Regarding mail delivery, I've been researching it and I think it's doable, but it's going to be a little bit before I get the code up and running. Bare with me....

When I have something for members to test out I'll let people know!


Swanky posted on Wed, Apr 3, 2002 1:18 PM

I like the message threads. It reminds me of the old BBS days. It makes it easier to follow a train of thought, and maybe gets rid of some of the off-topic stuff.

It takes a little getting used to. I just noticed the folders showing new messages. In the olden days of the BBS, you only saw the new messages, or, you could filter for new messages. that was nice.

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