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Anyone see the tiki bar scene in "ER" last night? Finally, a reason to watch! It was pretty well done too, very dark and gloomy, lots of tikis. They only negative was a few neon signs, oh and the fact that it isn't a real place (I don't think).

How strange to see a tiki bar in such a mainstreaam show.


As a regular viewer of ER I thought it was great. The place was the Lava Lounge. How about those killer drinks?


Yeah, my attention was perked up when somebody metioned going to the "Lava Lounge" for drinks. It looked like a pretty cool tiki bar when they got there, and what about those drinks! I think the bartender called them "Sacrifical Virgins". Reminded me of the "Smoking Eruption" drinks from the old Kahiki menus.

Nurse Abby was dissing the place pretty bad. Tiki Bars have now appeared on several TV shows, including "Judging Amy" and "Nikki". Makes me think I want to go to Tiki-Ti or Trader Vic's this weekend.


Tiki got mad props on an episode of West Wing a few months ago. Josh offered his lady friend a Zombie and (I think) a Suffering Bastard at a quickie home luau he'd set up.


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