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Bonnie & Joe... where are you?

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Okay, I know Bonnie & Joe of Joe's Aloha have been lurking here for a while... join Tiki Central already! t' ain't that hard to do!



Geez, Traderpup, we're right here! No lurking for us anymore, sorry to say. Again, Bonnie states that she never lurks, she skulks. :wink:

B & J

Joe and Bonnie!

What's up? Glad you're posting. Word has it the brick and morter Joe's is closing and heading all digital. It's always fun to stop by an actual building, I guess I'll find something else to do on a free lunch time.

(I'm the one who works for the City of Buena Park)

Aloha (Joe)

Well its about friggin' time! Welcome!



Joe & Bonnie!


Better get used to the virtual world since we gotta say 'aloha' to Joe's Aloha Collectibles!

Thanks for ruining my life! :wink:

This place is a tiki landmark, so if you all haven't been there, better hurry!

"Say it ain't so, Joe!"

I was just looking at your website and I was wondering if you are willing to sell or trade for any of your mugs/statues?


well i see tikitoys have some nice stuff... what do you think about my site? and do you think i have any future in online toy sales ?

[email protected]

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