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Rumbi Island Grill, Salt Lake City (Gateway), Salt Lake City, UT (restaurant)

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Name:Rumbi Island Grill, Salt Lake City (Gateway)
Street:171 S. Rio Grande St.
City:Salt Lake City
Phone:(801) 456-4400

I just came back from Rumbi and since I didn't find any info on Tiki Central I finally get to contribute to this forum.

From the minimal research there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of tiki going on in Utah so I was surprised to find Rumbi Island Grill in the Gateway shopping plaza area. The island grill part didn't surprise me much but the decor did, it was actually really good. There is a fair deal of bamboo everywhere you look, bamboo frames for the artwork, bamboo vases (with fake flowers) on each table, bamboo holders for the to go menus, it was great.

On one of the walls there are four large prints, one of them depicted the PAA Honolulu Clipper and they all looked to be in the same series. Hanging lamps that were covered in read gave some nice lighting. There were also fiesta ware s&p shakers, not tiki but I collect the stuff and it's always fun to see.

The music was pretty good, they seemed to play two islandy songs and then one pop country song. It could have been the people working that night but the music was fine with me.

A menu can be found at http://www.rumbi.com I had the Bali island steak rice bowl with coconut rice. The portions were good, I wasn't super hungry but a full sized bowl would make a hearty meal. The coconut rice had beans in it and you could tell they put coconut milk in there because it was a little chalky but you didn't get any of that strong coconut goodness. The peanut sauce was a little corn starchy but beyond that the food was good. Not too much rice and just the right amount of veggies.

The service was excellent. It is an order up front and we'll bring your food to you type of place but those that I interacted with were helpful and answered all of my questions. I did observe the staff while I was there and they looked like they were having a good time and that always helps.

I will definitely be going back here again to try something different as I'll be in town for a few days. This is a family friendly place with nothing on the menu over $8.49 (Volcano blackened Mahi) and offers a good value though I do have some complaints.

Where's the pork? Pork is not on the menu which made me sad but all the bamboo made me happy so I guess that evens things out a bit. This is a restaurant and while they do have a couple of tropical smoothies they do not offer real drinks. I thought that it was a little ironic that a place with rum in the name had no rum but I'm funny like that.

In conclusion if you are in SLC and would like a little atmosphere that won't break the bank then this is the place to do it. Good value, decent grub, I can't complain.

If you do visit across from Rumbi on the second floor is a Mexican restaurant called Costa Vida. They have some hanging surfboards in there along with some tables that have surfboard inlays.


there is one in Denver Colorado as well. I have not been but I'm going soon

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