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Tiki Tomz Tiki Prices!

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Basic pricing runs about $50 per ft.Unless the GIRTH is over a ft.(stop drooling)then the price RISES(stop drooling) picturetrail.com keyword: tikis for morepics of naked tikis. Thx.T.T.

I might even start drooling if I could actually see something...


Don't you worry. NEW!! Tikis with wood! I mean tikis are wood .... but with real wood genitalia!Hemaphrodite tikis with real wooden boobs and real wooden woods, for those who can't make up their minds on a boy or girl tiki. Boy George tikis or Pat from T.V. He/shes WHATEVER!

So if I pay $100.00 for a two footer (as long as the girth is within reason) how do I know there won't be a potential liability with the tiki molestation problem you describe in your other recent post?


We sell T.M.I(Tiki Molestation Insurance)


A 2 footer would run only 75




It appears that Tiki Tom has been on a two day ether binge.

Trader Woody


No, my friend. Not a two day ether binge, nor a five or 10 day, but in fact; I'm quite high on 2-cycle gas fumes, and the exceleration of a high performance, top-o-da-line, Echo commmercial grade, cs-3100 chainsaw. (Basically the Porsche of chainsaws)


His pics are here. Album "tikis"



Wayne Coombs created a monster..

[ Edited by: fatuhiva on 2003-02-04 03:10 ]

Carter takes a poo again? (I haven't looked for fear of feeding this troll).


You got a thing for Jimmy Carter? Get up to date, even though, I haven't the faintest of what you're talking about. Do You? Also, What are you all about? Haven't much productivity. Ohhhhh, your a critic? I'm sorry .

I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about (ever) I guess I can't stay afloat in this sea of junior high school retarded sexuality you seem to endlessly sail...should I look at the tikis? Are they really yours or someone else's? Am I asking for some sort of virus by gratifying a dumbass that talks about "tiki molestation"? No one here will accuse me of being a critic...just you. Get a life (or a girlfriend.)

BTW: I happen to like Wayne Coombs, for what Wayne created. Moreso I like Wayne Coombs items BY Wayne Coombs.


I have a girlfriend and a life, thay's why I drop in from time to time, and I don't loiter.

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