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The search for thatch

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A long time ago I did a long, trying internet search for a place to buy thatch. I found a place that sold in 3 X 4 "sheets" for a pretty good price. When I left my old job, that link got left behind.

Does anybody have a source for thatch? Reasonable source?

Did a lot of searching for a nearby bamboo and rattan retailer too and I hope Kiliki still has that one. I have many plans and ideas for the future.

I always wondered how much Safari Thatch charges for their work. What would a smallish tiki hut cocktail bar cost to decorate?


I've got a piece of this big "palm cape" and it rocks. on the opposite side is a cool weave pattern which is actually the side I have showing in my living room:

Swanky posted on Fri, May 3, 2002 2:21 PM

Cool! That's the price I had found and looks like the same stuff.

That palapa is cool, but seems pricey. I think I could put something together that would work if I could get the right thatch from the top.

Hmm. We need to look into that when we are in Cancun next month. Plan another trip with empty suit cases that will stuffed with thatch on the return...


Good thatch pricing can be found at Benson's Imports or Franks Cane & Rush Supply - both are importers, both are in Huntington Beach, CA. Benson's is a pretty cool place too - they've converted a large section of their warehouse into a showroom that although not really tiki, has a strong island-decor selection and some tikis (mostly nautical/island though).



There is a good source of thatch - just bought from them recently and am thrilled with the product - I was expecting a hula skirt like band of thatch but these things are rigid and super strong!

Johntiki :drink:


Where's a good source for lauhala matting?


I bought my matting from Oceanic Arts and I was extremely pleased with the price, reasonable shipping costs, quick delivery and the matting!!! I've checked out every place on the web that sells the stuff - either got no response or received ridiculous shipping rates - get it from them I'm sure you'll be pleased!

Johntiki :drink:


Since we're speaking of wood...I have a friend who has a bunch of bamboo in his backyard.(Rare in the north-east.) Does anyone have any suggestions and how to cut, dry and use this for indooor or outdoor use?


hmmm. that safarithatch place looks like it has some decent materials, but no online ordering! Anyone know a good source or bamboo/rattan/etc materials in SF Bay Area?


Wrath-o-Tiki.. try http://www.bamboobridge.com/
they're in benecia. thats about all i know, just a place i bookmarked..

I don't know if your question has already been answered but try this site: http://www.amazuluinc.com. They have all kinds of thatch panels (faux and natural) and lots more!

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