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Tiki Lounge sighting on NBC's Boomtown

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Okay, I waited until Monday afternoon to check the board, thinking there would be a major thread already on here.... Am I the only one who watches Boomtown? The story last night had several scenes at a tiki lounge, named oddly enough "The Tiki Lounge". The bad guy ran the place and the femme fatale was done in by a telltale Moai decorated matchbook. The bar owner described the decor as been original from the 1960's. The show is set in L.A., and I was wondering if this was a real bar, or just something made up on a soundstage.

Was anybody else watching?


I haven't seem this show but there is a place in Modesto called the Tiki Lounge and it dates from the early 60s.

Is this the new Michael Mann produced detective show?
The location scout was putting his feelers out to Otto and me a while back for an authentic Tiki Bar in LA that was going to be used as the lead's regular hang out.

Since Mike NEVER let's anybody shoot (or rent) the Tiki Ti, I mentioned the Tonga Hut (that has a Moai outside!?), but mainly suggested to build it as a set, since all good Tiki Bars are basically like good film sets, and I could not think of any working Tiki bar that would rent itself out on a repeated basis, (and would have the space to shoot in).

Never heard what was decided, off course...

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I saw the episode, and I too expected a long thread about it even before the show was over, but... I missed quite a few scenes (having to answer calls from my Mom and brother about "the tiki bar on tv...'), but I did catch a scene with the 'bad guy' drinking out of a Frankoma-style mug (Chiki - one of yours perhaps??). Spotted a couple of cool moai lamps, too. IMHO, it looked too 'clean', there was a severe lack of clutter, so methinks it was a set, rather than the real deal. It was indeed called simply "The Tiki Lounge" (my, how creative), and considering that it was the soon-to-be-deceased bad guys hangout, I doubt it will be making regular appearances. However, the show seemed pretty good, so I'll check it out again, just in case...


What about Bahooka? That was the only reson I saw "Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas" Support the few remaining tiki joints. I'm sure they would have done it, they have room to spare.
Now I want some Grog-I'm going to Bahooka next weekend!

When is the next episode on (in LA)?

It comes on Sunday nights....I'm not sure of the time where you are, but it's normally the last hour of prime-time. Great show. They don't have a regular tiki-bar hangout, though. That must have been written out of the storyline.

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