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fake fire

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Humuhumu recently posted some nice pics of her improved bar. One new feature was fake fire in hanging coldruns. I bought a couple of these in wall fixture form and installed them underneath tikis in my bar for a dramatic lighting effect. Key to the effect was having them on a dimmer.
The challenge was in rewiring the things because the halogen bulbs and the fans that push up the cloth were not on seperate circuits. I think the makers of these fixtures would have a problem with UL underwriting if they made them with this configuration because you don't want to have the fan off and the extra hot halogen bulb on because of fire danger.
So I have the effect I want. There are two switches, one for the fans and one, with a dimmer, for the bulbs. I just have to be careful not burn the place down. (Gotta keep batteries in the old smoke detector.)

I took a couple shots of my bar area with lights on and lights off to show the fake fire effect. The second shot isn't very sharp but you can see what's happening.

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